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102 Not Out

102 Not Out

04 May, 2018
1 hrs 41 mins
102,893 votes
5 56820
4 28490
3 11691
2 2866
1 3000
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Based on a Gujarati play, the film highlights an unusual relationship between a 75-year-old son and his 102-year-old father, who aspires to break the record for the longest living man, held by a Chinese man.
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Verdict: A strong message subtly delivered through a series of light-hearted moments. 102 Not Out is an adaptation of an eponymous Gujarati play by Saumya Joshi. It is a special film, not just for the writer but also for many Bollywood fans because its legendary stars - Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor - will share []... ...Read full review
A 102-year-old father Dattatraya Vakharia (Amitabh Bachchan) decides to send his 75-year-old son Babulal (Rishi Kapoor) to an old-age home. He does that because he believes his sons morose and almost melancholic outlook towards life will come in his way of trying to break the world record of the longest living human. ...Read full review
Can a film where the screen age of the leading men is supposed to be 102 and 75 respectively ever be called a coming-of-age film? Well, after watching Umesh Shuklas 102 Not Out, youll say its possible. Youll realise that growing up is an ongoing process and it has nothing to do with age. You should keep evolving, keep growing and not let life pass you by. Its a simple yet powerful message that we should all take care to remember at all the stages of life. ...Read full review
Before the movie started, we got greeted by the sweet director Umesh Shukla, who requested us not to reveal core story of the film. That moment made me sure, this movie will have something really important to tell and trust me its much more than its trailer. So, without revealing much, Ill make sure everyone who reads this review should go and watch this gem. ...Read full review
102-year-old Dattatraya Vakharia (Amitabh) and 75-year-old Babulal Vakharia (Rishi) are father and son, who live under the same roof. Both have different set of ideologies; however, their love for each other shines through. ...Read full review
Director Umesh Shukla, who marked his not so entertaining directorial debut with Dhoondte Reh Jaoge, roars with full power with OMG! (Oh My God) which garnered him the top notch status but who knew it was temporary. He did enough damage with All Is Well which didnt do well for the critics and audiences too. Umesh is back with 102 Not Out, yet another adaptation of a Gujarati play under the same title. Written by Saumya Joshi, the film is delightful but staged in bits and pieces. ...Read full review
Age is just a number is a very old adage and many people swear by it. Despite their growing age, they prefer to keep the child inside them alive. The rest, on the other hand, feel that its better to come to terms with the old age and all the complications associated with it. R Balki handled this aspect beautifully in 2007 in CHEENI KUM wherein Amitabh Bachchans character at 64 was all set to get married while his to-be father-in-law, essayed by Paresh Rawal, was younger than his to-be son-in-law and was all set to become a senior citizen. Amitabh now gets into a kind of a similar zone with 102 NOT OUT. So does it turn out to be an ideal family entertainer? Or does it fail to evoke fun and madness? ...Read full review
`Baap Cool, Beta Old School`- These four words aptly describe what Umesh Shukla`s 102 Not Out has in store for you. A narrative majorly revolving around two characters isn`t an easy feat to pull off but trust me, the film-maker gives you enough reasons to rejoice in this one. This Amitabh Bachchan-Rishi Kapoor starrer is a beautiful blend of emotions which gives you plenty of minutes to go `ha-ha`; but at the same time, it also has scenes which has your eyes welling up! ...Read full review
Have you seen a 102-year-old man dancing with a human-sized cutout to an old melody or a great grandad playing soccer with gully boys or lip-syncing to a song from the 60s? Well, if you haven`t, it`s time to meet Dattatrerya (Amitabh Bachchan). ...Read full review
"You know this happens often? I know of somebody who went through the same experience," a woman said to her friend in the theatre. I heard a similar conversation at the preview screening of director Umesh Shukla`s 102 Not Out. Obviously, I wasn`t the only one getting emotionally involved with the tale unfolding on screen. ...Read full review
Like his last film, Oh My God, director Umesh Shukla has again found his inspiration in a play. Based on Saumya Joshis Gujarati play, 102 Not Out is a lesson on life skills and how to rise above the bitter memories and cherish the sweet ones. ...Read full review
102 Not Out is a testament to the talent of Rishi Kapoor. To paraphrase a line that Shakespeare wrote about Cleopatra age cannot wither him nor custom stale his infinite variety. Here he plays Babu, a cantankerous 75-year-old who wants to be left alone in peace so he can die with a scowl on his face. Or as his father, the 102 year-old Dattu describes him a thakela, pakela, boring insaan. Woh aadmi jo zindagi se bhi darta hai aur maut se bhi. The film, based on a stage play by Saumya Joshi, is about the awakening of Babu to both life and death. ...Read full review
Lets just face it Hindi cinema doesnt know what to do with senior citizens. Bollywood is obsessed with youth, and older characters are usually relegated to the background. Occasionally a film like Piku will come along to remind us that theres more to old people than just wrinkles and dentures, but you can count films with older protagonists on your fingertips. ...Read full review