A Gentleman
Sunder, Susheel, Risky

A Gentleman

25 Aug, 2017
2 hrs 13 mins
25,456 votes
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Gaurav is in love with Kavya and dreams of marrying her. He likes to live by rules and is content with his 'same shit different day' routine. On the other hand, Kavya seeks for someone who likes to take risks and is adventurous; someone like Rishi, who looks exactly like Gaurav! In a hilarious case of mistaken identity, Gaurav is at the risk of losing everything he has worked very hard for, including Kavya.
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Verdict - A good dose of laughter, a little romance and a lot of bandookbazi. It's that time of the year when most movies are following the same pattern. This time, the concept is doppelgangers. We saw Mubarakan last month, the trailer of Judwaa 2 recently and now, the Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer, A []... ...Read full review
A Gentleman is a lazy title for this action-comedy, which is an improvement on the leave-your-brains-at-home genre that we have been (just as) lazily lapping up. ...Read full review
Here we go again: same s#*t, different Friday, as one would bemoan in the US of A. Raj and DK`s A Gentleman: Sundar. Susheel. Risky is yet another film that believes that a patina of gloss is all that is needed in order to paper over mounds of dross. The director duo, known for the kind of quirky sensibility that made Shor in the City and Go Goa Gone watchable, do not scrimp on stylistic flourishes and visual flair in this smartly packaged action-packed rom-com send-up. Sadly, the film eventually falls way short of skirting around its jagged edges. ...Read full review
To be brutally honest, acting skills of Bollywood hunk Sidharth Malhotra and diva Jacqueline Fernandez aren`t really the reason behind their massive fan following. Most of the times, their heavenly looks work wonders and win hearts of moviegoers. But, will their latest film `A Gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, Risky` turn out to be a game changer? Well, let`s find out. ...Read full review
Three years after delivering the Saif Ali Khan-starrer dud, Happy Ending, directors Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru now called just Raj and DK - are back with a another bid at the box office. Their latest venture - A Gentleman - starring Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra which hit the theatres on Friday, is an exciting ride. ...Read full review
Gaurav is house proud. The quintessential metrosexual who can cook and keeps a clean house with a neatly manicured lawn, he drives a mini van and has a steady job in a software company in Miami. Hes putting together a dream life which is now just awaiting the addition of a wife and children. Gaurav has identified the mother of his future children, but his colleague and friend Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez) doesnt see the dependable, safe and staid Gaurav as the man of her dreams. ...Read full review
Gaurav (Sidharth Malhotra), a quintessential good looking boy in Miami has a near-perfect life. He has recently bought a new house, owns a mini van and gets along like a house on fire with his `good` friend Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez), who dreads a formal marriage proposal from him. But hey, our boy is crushing too much over her. She, on the other hand, constantly pushes him to be more `cooler` to bring in some adventurous streak in his otherwise mundane life. ...Read full review
Raj & DK have their own distinct filmmaking style. A lot of their craft has a heavy American influence, their films always offer a healthy dose of action, comedy and plenty of style. A Gentleman is an action comedy thats a lot smarter than its title. Its a spy game meets hitman concept. One that has Knight & Day aspirations and a writing tone straight out of Guy Ritchies universe. ...Read full review
A film with a double role? "Same shit, different day," as one of the characters in A Gentleman says. Thankfully, Raj & DK`s film does not cling to the same predictable formula. Gaurav (Sidharth Malhotra) is a chalta-phirta shaadi.com advertisement - he is young, handsome, has a cushy job, owns a house and a car, cooks...the list goes on. He is smitten by his bindaas and always-getting-into-trouble colleague Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez), but she friendzones him as she finds him perfect to a fault. ...Read full review
In the vast cinematic wasteland where Half Girlfriend and Raabta gather fungus and hopefully wither away from our memories, there is need to make space for another stinker. That film is A Gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, Risky, although a more appropriate title might have been: A Mistake: Pointless, Overlong, Silly. ...Read full review
When a film is directed by Raj & DK, expectations are bound to happen. Be it Shor In The City or India`s first zombie film Go Goa Gone, their films have never disappointed anyone and A Gentleman is one such film. Engaging story, great action and watchable performances, A Gentleman has everything to entertain you for 132 minutes but the only drawback of the film is that they promoted it to be a multiplex film but it is primarily a single screen film instead. ...Read full review
Not Bang Bang 2 would have made for a better title for A Gentleman. The Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer (adapted from Knight & Day), out of the same stable was a polished, refined and definitely, more engaging version of this lackluster actioner, I subjected myself to on a rainy holiday. Come to think of it, Bang Bang was widely panned by critics for its lack of plot. I say, we should have waited for A Gentleman, to show us how inane is done in the glossiest possible way. ...Read full review
This latest outing by Raj and DK is a spy spoof cum thriller cum love story, and while the going is good, its not bad. But you have to wait the no-go bits out, and in the two hour and some run time, there are too many of those about. ...Read full review
Consider this a working hypothesis: I think the worth of a movie can often be measured by how it changes your relation to alcohol. ...Read full review
The film is about Sundar and Susheel Gaurav (Sidharth Malhotra), who has a perfect job, house, car, mini van rather, friend, all he is looking for is love, in his friend and colleague, Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez). But according to Kavya he is just a good friend and not her type as he is too safe of a guy. He is no fun. ...Read full review

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