06 Oct, 2017
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The Hindi adaptation of Jon Favreau's 2014 Hollywood movie by the same name, Chef is a unique tale of Roshan Kalra's journey to find out his true priorities and source of happiness. It's a story of food, love, family, togetherness, and that of a father's rediscovery of the bond with his son.
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Verdict: The perfect desi tadka to the Hollywood remake. Based on the Hollywood flick that goes by the same name (written and directed by Jon Favreau), Chef, is almost like Saif`s come back on the big screen. After a few damp films at the box-office, the Nawab`s recent release is a heart-warming drama that satisfies your hunger for []... ...Read full review
Roshan Kalra(Saif) is a three-star Michelin chef who gets fired from New York`s Gulli restaurant after he punches a customer. Forced to take a break, he flies to Kochi to spend time with his son, Armaan (Svar) and his estranged wife Radha Menon (Padmapriya). ...Read full review
First things first, for a change, Bollywood has made a more-than-decent remake of a Hollywood movie. But that said, it is not a frame to frame copy of Jon Favreaus Chef. While it borrows the central theme and the character frames, director Raja Krishna Menon has made sure that his adaptation stands apart from the original. ...Read full review
In 2003, when director Raja Krishna Menon marked his debut with small budgeted Bas Yun Hi that starred Nandita Das and Purab Kohli, he was touted as a fresh storyteller but lacked the commercial aspect of filmmaking. Later, he directed Barah Aana with Naseerudin Shah and the film was just critically acclaimed, followed by the series of advertisements for about four long years. ...Read full review
Chef is a good-looking film, with good-looking people. The ingredients have been carefully assembled. Khan is ripe for real difference, playing a divorced, middle-aged man and a father to a young boy (Kamble), who is a natural. The leading lady (Janakiraman) has a smile that reaches her eyes: ...Read full review
The Hindi remake Chef, directed by Raja Krishna Menon, is free of this Favreau-esque paralleling, though it does go somewhat meta with Saif Ali Khan playing a man who got in trouble for beating up a man in a restaurant, something Khan did a few years ago and evidently regrets, using this film to play responsible dad and tell a young stand-in for his teenage son that he did a bad thing. ...Read full review
Chef begins in the heart of Delhis chaat heaven with the sight of a young lad enjoying a crisp, piping hot aloo tikki. Its tangy, spicy flavour leaves such a deep impression on the Chandni Chowk inhabitants taste buds he decides to run away from home and seek the secrets of culinary arts. ...Read full review
Roshan Kalra, a renowned I-me-myself Chef in New York having a riches from rags story connected with him. Hes a divorcee having his kid Armaan (Svar Kamble) living with his mom in Cochin. ...Read full review
What is the million-dollar idea of the head chef of a three-Michelin-starred restaurant who needs to get out of a rut and rediscover his passion for cooking? The "rotzza" (roti + pizza)... which is essentially a cheese frankie, but instead of being rolled up, it`s flat with another roti on top. Tastewise, it`s nothing you wouldn`t find on every other street corner. ...Read full review
If you are a Bollywood fan, it is almost impossible that you would not remember Aamir Khan-starrer Dil Chahta Hai. However, if you fall into the rare category of those who dont, Saif Ali Khan makes sure you are reminded of the iconic film throughout his latest release, Chef. Those are the rare moments from this largely bland fare that you do want to remember. ...Read full review
It is hard to entirely dislike any film starring Saif Ali Khan. He has such a likeable personality and such natural ease before the camera, that he ends up adding charm to any project he is a part of, however flimsy or dismal it might be. Chef is not dismal, but it is flimsy. ...Read full review
In the first few minutes of Chef, we are reminded of what it doesnt want to be. We hear Saif Ali Khans (as Roshan Kalra) voiceover quickly skimming over his 80s Chandni Chowk childhood. Forget Masterchef, those were the days even 3 Idiots hadnt released; children continued to follow their parents dreams, he says, before unflappably declaring that his father disowned him for his unorthodox rasoi ambitions. ...Read full review
Chef isnt perfect; it lags in places, offers quick-fix solutions to characters problems, and feels wholly familiar. But at a little over two hours, it doesn`t ask much of you, and offers some pleasure in Saif Ali Khans return to form as an actor hard to look away from. ...Read full review
You don`t sit down and eat before you cook. These are the words of Gordon Ramsay, probably the most famous chef in the world right now. Yet, Raja Krishna Menon`s Chef spends a majority of its time showcasing the lead character eating pasta, chole bhature, idi appam, lassi, tomato chutney, rotzza (roti based pizza), fried fish and a whole host of other delicacies. ...Read full review
Kaam, kaam se pyaar, aur pyaar se kaam mein, kahi pyaar toh reh hie gaya. As Saif Ali Khan mouthed this dialogue, the first thing that came to our mind is how work and money take a toll on our lives and family takes a backseat. ...Read full review
Chef could well be a conglomerate of silver linings. Saif Ali Khan, in all likelihood, has a hit to his name (finally!). At least, the film`s crowd pleasing abilities are promising enough to make that prophecy. And here`s a semi-delightful film which serves comfort food to film buffs. ...Read full review
Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khans delectable drama, Chef, is a relief on several fronts. The inglorious mid-life crisis, identity struggle, fractured marital relationship and single parents woes are showcased with impeccable grace in director Raja Krishna Menons slice-of-life drama. ...Read full review
A lot can happen over good meal! Its the most important thing in our lives. Food can mend or break relationships. And Saif Ali Khan film reminds us just that... A way to anyones heart is through his stomach. ...Read full review

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