The only one who did not run


08 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 14 mins
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From the rough streets and back alleys of Central Mumbai comes the sensational true story of Arun Gawli, a man who scripted his own destiny, eventually going onto become one of India's most feared gangsters.

Today he remains an enigmatic figure; at once a volatile, power-hungry criminal for some and the respected "Daddy" or a modern day Robin Hood for the working-class neighbourhood he belongs to.

Daddy follows the intertwined fates of the world-weary Gawli as he attempts to enter politics and a frustrated Police inspector with a secret history of his own.

An unfolding jigsaw puzzle, told from different points-of-view and spanning over four decades, Daddy is an unforgettable excursion into the Mumbai underworld.
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This crime drama proves to be the baap of all gangster flicks. While the []... ...Read full review
Mumbaikars are well-versed with the rise of Gawli, an out-of-work mill worker`s son who resorted to extortion, gambling and murder to ultimately become the face of the underworld. For those who`ve tuned in late, this film serves as a refresher course on the life and times of the infamous gangs of Bombay. ...Read full review
Daddy tells the story of a man who is, in equal measure, fascinating and repellant. Arun Gawli, son of a jobless mill worker, sets himself on the path to gangsterdom, becoming a larger-than-life persona, worshipped and feared by his constituency. ...Read full review
Daddy might be a brave attempt and Ahluwalia should be credited for the unconventional storytelling, but in totality, the film feels like a wasted opportunity. ...Read full review
The son of an unemployed working-class man becomes one of Mumbais most dreaded dons, builds a fortress, then goes into politics, and prison theres a lot in Arun Gawlis story to interest and intrigue. His writ ran large in the citys Dagdi slum and he went on to wield political power too. But Ashim Ahluwalias (of Miss Lovely fame) Daddy is not about that Arun Gawli. ...Read full review
Ask any actor of some worth. It is not easy to play a known living character. Audiences and the character that you are playing, plus their close associates, judge the performance with scrutinized harshness and normally find it wanting. Not this time. Not Arun Gawli. Not Arjun Rampal, who has shaped into one of Hindi cinema`s most dependable actors who does his roles with such smooth efficiency and such noiseless excellence that we are liable to miss the point. ...Read full review
There are some films that get points for technical prowess. Daddy is one of those. Not unlike his protagonist, Arun Gawli (Arjun Rampal), director Ashim Ahluwalia shows daring as he experiments with an unconventional narrative structure. ...Read full review
Daddy, sadly, isn`t the baap of gangster flicks. What it is, however, is a strictly one-time watch for the sake of Rampal and Kamat. ...Read full review
My biggest issue with this film is that Rampal plays it safe with facts, events and characters while bringing to the screen the life of one of the most colourful dons - (ironically, Gawli preferred to always dress in white - pajama, kurta and Gandhi topi), not character-wise, but because of the colour he added to being a gangster by dabbling in politics and corporatisation of the mafiosi - of the Mumbai underworld. ...Read full review
Daddy isn`t lionizing or demonizing its hero but in its neutral stance it is also does not do a credible job of making him compelling for the audience. As Gawli makes a plea for an opportunity to redeem himself by doing public service one wonders if the Shiva devotee knows that karma`s a bitch and it always catches up with you. Audiences won`t cheer nor be mesmerised by Daddy and it`s this detachment from the leading man that is Daddy`s biggest pitfall. ...Read full review
In the end, theres a lot to appreciate in Daddy, yet sadly its not enough. The craft is admirable and the big denouement is thought provoking, but pacing issues cripple the film to the extent that youre exhausted by the time the lights come back on. Im going with two-and-a-half out of five. ...Read full review
Period-perfect haircuts, prosthetic noses and a few droplets of glycerin can only bring an actor half-way near his character. The rest is an internal, deeply emotional journey for him to tread alone. In Ashim Ahluwalia`s grit-over-glory gangster biopic `Daddy`, Arjun Rampal runs all those extra miles and arrives victorious. ...Read full review
The film unfolds when Daddy was just Arun (Arjun Rampal). Out of a job and down on luck, he resorts to petty crimes smuggling, looting and the like. The first time he`s picked up is when the handkerchief slips from his face while brutally stabbing someone. But none of the ...Read full review
A few scenes into Ashim Ahluwalias Daddy, we see the ominous contours of Dawood Ibrahims (cinematically rechristened as Maqsood bhai here) face and trademark rose-tinted glasses. Its the early 1980s; he is watching a televised India-Pakistan cricket match in his den. The Vaastav-ish small-time crooks, including young Arun Gawli (Arjun Rampal), observe his presence from the living room. Bhai has this aura. Bhai has chosen them to be his minions. Gawli is the only one who doesnt flinch. He shamelessly negotiates their hit man contracts with Bhais shocked assistant. ...Read full review
Ask any actor of some worth. It is not easy to play a known living character . Audiences and the character that you are playing, plus their close associates, judge the performance with scrutinized harshness and normally find it wanting. ...Read full review
Director Ashim Ahluwalias Daddy is a certified gangster movie with solid aspirations of being an Arun Gawli biopic. For the uninitiated, Gawli was once as notorious and infamous as Dawood Ibrahim in the world of Mumbai crime. So, this film for most parts, traces Gawlis rise to gangster stardom. Its definitely not a faithful adaptation of Gawlis life. ...Read full review
A biopic is a tricky venture and when it is based on a person, who is still alive and mired in controversies, walking on eggshells without cracking any seems like a relatively easy process. Despite this, Arjun Rampal teamed up with Ashim Ahluwalia to make Daddy, a film on the life of former underworld don Arun Gawli, who started his life as a petty criminal before becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Mumbai underworld. ...Read full review
Arun utna hi bura hai, jitna tu. Woh Police wale ke ghar pe paida hota, toh police banta. Aur tu Dagdi pe, toh tu gangster, says Zubaida aka Asha Gawli, Arun Gawlis wife, to a police officer. ...Read full review

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