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Kayi Raste Chalna Hai Baaki...


27 Oct, 2017
1 hrs 46 mins
1,298 votes
5 382
4 299
3 251
2 116
1 218
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Away from home in a boarding school, 18-year-old Dhruv is unaware of the grave crisis his family is going through. His world is turned upside down when he receives the news of his father's untimely death in a car accident. As he copes with the tragedy, Dhruv is faced with some daunting revelations that set him on a path to unravel the mystery surrounding his father's death. Was there a conspiracy? Was there more to his father than met the eye? Rukh is the story of a boy's quest for truth, and he will be confronted with many dark secrets and long-forgotten memories as he embarks on this harrowing personal journey.
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Verdict: An intriguing story that shows you the right way of seeking closure. Manoj Bajpayee is undoubtedly an excellent actor and with Rukh, you get to see another aspect of the actor's persona and talent amongst other immensely talented actors. Director Atanu Mukherjee chose a mystery thriller for his debut and after watching the movie []... ...Read full review
It might look like a typical whodunit in the beginning, but you realise within minutes that Rukh is more about fighting the inner demons than those outside. ...Read full review
As far as thrillers go, `Rukh` is a one-of-a kind Hindi film. It does not travel at a breakneck speed as most thrillers do, but the timing is not slow either. The film moves at a perfectly natural pace. At its heart, `Rukh` is a coming-of-age film. ...Read full review
Dhruv (Adarsh Gaurav) is frustrated. He is confused. His father, Divakar (Manoj Bajpayee), has died in a car accident. He is back in Mumbai, to carry out the last rites. If he werent at the boarding school his father had packed him away to, he might have known more. ...Read full review
Rukh is about the mysterious life of a textile businessman Diwakar (Manoj Bajpayee). He plays chess with his ill Father, talks with his wife and takes a drive which proves to be his last one. ...Read full review
Rukh means direction, or aspect. In the film, we see a bunch of people flailing, looking for a mooring, and getting some clarity. ...Read full review
Bajpayee plays Divakar, the debt-ridden businessman who dies in a car accident. So begins writer-director Atanu Mukherjee`s dreary and protracted exploration of the circumstances behind Divakar`s death and his sole child`s quest to get to the bottom of it. ...Read full review
Looking for a high-decibel family drama built around grand confrontation scenes between father and son? Rukh definitely isn`t your kind of weekend watch. An air of studied mellowness pervades Atanu Mukherjee`s maiden film - an intense, engaging coming-of-age tale that features Manoj Bajpayee in a stellar role billed as a `special appearance`. ...Read full review
An issue with this film is that in several scenes, not much happens and you`re compelled to tune into every micro action, gesture and twitch. For instance, early in the film, a still frame finds a middle-aged man having dinner in a leisurely manner as he makes cursory small talk with his wife. ...Read full review
Helmed by debutant director Atanu Mukherjee, Rukh stuns with its self-assured solid storytelling. A thriller where details bleed out one at a time, and the understated drama slowly spreads its tentacles taking us the viewers firmly in its grip. ...Read full review
Netted with love, lost, betrayal, sin, guilt, vengeance and redemption, first timer Atanu Mukherjees emotive suspense thriller RUKH is an intoxicating and baffling piece in the mystery thriller drama genre. ...Read full review
The new Manoj Bajpayee starrer Rukh is a story about letting go of a loved one while accepting the person that youve become. It deals with the familiar theme of a young mans coming of age, but its told through the grief of a young son struggling to wrap his head around the mysterious circumstances behind the death of his father. ...Read full review
Not many Bollywood films offer you the privilege to just sit back and let yourself get immersed in their plot`s thrills. That privilege is often interrupted by immaterial song sequences, irrelevant dialogues and forced acting. ...Read full review
Rukh is not a Manoj Bajpayee film. The opening credits of Atanu Mukherjee`s suspense drama declares this loud and clear: Bajpayee`s is only a special appearance. It falls under the category of those rare films where a bigger name takes a backseat and allows a child artiste to anchor the ship. ...Read full review
Rukh may be lit like a YouTube Short Film and may have its share of other technical problems, but theres something disturbingly original about director Atanu Mukherjees vision, feels Sreehari Nair. ...Read full review
Rukh, by writer-director Atanu Mukherjee, is a slow-paced, intimately-framed dramatisation of an episode in the life of a middle class family. By all measures it is a significant, life-altering, traumatic episode, and the film tiptoes to it and its aftermath unhurriedly, taking all the time in the world to build up the mild aura of a thriller. ...Read full review