The Legend of Michael Mishra
A quirky comedy about a dreaded kidnapping specialist.

The Legend of Michael Mishra

05 Aug, 2016
2 hrs 05 mins
403 votes
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The Legend of Michael Mishra is a quirky romantic comedy produced by Kishor Arora, Shareen Mantri Kedia and Wave Cinemas, and is directed by Manish Jha. The film tells the story of a fool hardy kidnapper based out of Bihar who has an extremely small brain but a very big heart and the roller coaster journey he undergoes in his quest for love. His `legendary` efforts coupled with crazy twists of fate makes this one of the most anticipated desi rom-coms of the year.
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Verdict: Funny in parts, but overall a bit disappointing. When a Bollywood hero plays a don or a kidnapper, you know that in spite of being intimidating and menacing, he`ll have a heart of gold. He`ll loot the rich but spend lavishly on the poor. He`ll also do anything for the girl of his dreams, []... ...Read full review
While there have been reports of the film facing protests in Punjab owing to religious references, it won`t be wrong if it faces issues elsewhere owing to hurting the sensibilities of a `thinking` moviegoer. For starters, the film is absolutely absurd. You wonder if the actors were given a valid script to begin with. It looks like they wore their own clothes, wrote their own lines and danced the way they wanted to without an expert guiding them whatsoever. ...Read full review
The film starts off with FP aka Full Pant (Boman Irani), the owner of `Michael Mishra Dhaba`, telling a bunch of tourists about the `legendary` greatness of Michael Mishra (Arshad Warsi). FP then, recalls the entire flashback incidents that transformed a simple tailor Michael Mishra into a `tailor-made` Michael Mishra. FP states that, Michael Mishra, when on duty as a tailor, accidentally kills his customer. What follows after that are series of incidents that transforms the simple Michael Mishra into a dreaded don, who becomes a self confessed `kidnapping specialist`. But when Michael Mishra ultimately finds his lady love Varsha `Hello` Shukla (Aditi Rao Hydari) after years of incessant searching, he plans to change himself into a better human being, at her `insistence`. The very moment he decides to change himself, he surrenders himself before the law, which then, punishes him with an imprisonment of a whopping 500 years, which, later, gets changed to lifetime imprisonment in a ruthless jail. Amidst all this, Michael Mishra`s sidekick Half Pant (Kyroze Irani) stands by him like a rock. Does Michael Mishra ever muster the courage to tell those three magic words to Varsha Shukla, does Varsha Shukla selflessly tell Michael Mishra to change his lifestyle or is it more than what meets the eye is what forms the rest of the film. ...Read full review
There is nothing legendary about this film which glorifies a Patna-based kidnapping kingpin. It is a forgettable affair. But, what may stop you from wiping out this film completely from your memory is that its made by the same director who gave us the brilliant Mathrubhoomi in 2003. ...Read full review
Never has a movie been more inaptly titled. There is nothing remotely legendary about The Legend of Michael Mishra and its protagonist. ...Read full review

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