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Code Of Silence


04 May, 2018
1 hrs 38 mins
8,671 votes
5 2918
4 2296
3 1815
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Based on the life of dreaded terrorist Omar Sheikh, whose crimes include masterminding the 1994 kidnappings of foreign tourists in India and plotting the murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002.
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Verdict: Hansal Mehta and Rajkummar Rao impress yet again, this time in a film that leaves you speechless and frozen. Hansal Mehta's latest film Omerta, after having won praises in international film festivals, finally comes to Indian theatres this week. If you know what or who this film is about, it will hardly come as a surprise []... ...Read full review
A riveting, if not nail-biting, character-driven thriller, Hansal Mehta`s Omerta does not bank upon the established devices of the genre. It employs a judicious, subtle blend of real-life events and dashes of dramatic licence to probe the radicalization of a young Pakistani-origin British national. ...Read full review
From the commonplace emerges the terrifying, from the unexceptional comes horrifying evil in Hansal Mehtas unusual biography of the dreaded terrorist Omar Sheikh. As biopics go, this one chucks all templates out of the window: Sheikhs childhood is given a complete go-by, as are a backstory and conventional explanations for his murderous actions in the years of his life brought to us in Omerta. ...Read full review
Tense and tightly wound - almost like a thriller - Omerta covers 15 years in the life of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (Rajkumar Rao), charting his rise from a banner-holding protestor at the Bosnia Week Rally in London to his status as the world`s most reptilian terrorist. ...Read full review
Hansal Mehtas Omerta is not about the Italian mafia, or any code of silence. Its name, perhaps, is a play on the name of its central character, British terrorist of Pakistani origin Omar Saeed Shaikh. He is not the hero, he can never be. One of the most dreaded terrorists whose name is inextricably linked to IC-814 hijacking and the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, he is no hero. ...Read full review
Omerta, a biographical drama on British-Pakistani terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh directed by Hansal Mehta, opens with unidentified wails flooding a pitch-black screen. This might be the makers way of informing us that the story as is often the case, but frequently neglected by Hindi cinemas hasty biopic directors began long before the film that will attempt to encompass it. ...Read full review
Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh is a British terrorist of Pakistani descent who was responsible for the kidnapping of foreign nationals in India, for which he was captured and later released under an exchange program. It`s said he`s a ISI agent and said to be linked for funding the 9/11 attacks. He was also the mastermind behind the kidnapping and subsequent murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. ...Read full review
Hansal Mehtas crime biopic Omerta proceeds with the coldness of multiple Wikipedia articles aspiring to be gripping cinema. Aesthetically, the film ticks every indie-world box: a cramped aspect ratio, handheld camerawork, non-linear editing, episodic use of news footage and a grey, oppressive colour grade. But such a forensic and fundamentalist approach contradicts the film itself which seeks to investigate the very nature of fundamentalism. Whether fiction should homage journalism or dig a mile deeper is a question Mehta seems to evade. ...Read full review
Hansal Mehtas Omerta, which is a biopic cum docu-drama on the life of British born terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh has impressed critics in film festival across India and the world. The film is a brave attempt as it delves into topic without any sugar coating. That in itself is very commendable given the current scenario and our Censor Board. ...Read full review
Hansal Mehta`s Omerta starring Rajkummar Rao is a documentary drama on dreaded terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh. Omar was accused in the murder of The Wall Street Journal`s journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 and was the mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai attacks, 9/11 attacks on twin tower of World Trade Center in New York, besides other terrorist activities. Omar is currently awaiting the judgement on his plea in Pearl`s murder and is lodged in a Pakistan jail. ...Read full review
A biographical drama on Omar Saeed Sheikh a British-born terrorist of Pakistani origin, who was responsible for the kidnapping of foreign tourists in India, including the abduction and execution of American journalist Daniel Pearl. ...Read full review
Right at the start, we can see subtle traces of a derailed mind as Omar strolls around aimlessly in Delhi. The milk-drinking hero, who goes around with several aliases, is a sociopath and an expert chess-player. The brooding well-educated man, however, is not content playing board games. He is determined to apply himself to the cause of jihad. ...Read full review
In his new film Omerta, director Hansal Mehta seeks to dive into the mind of a cold-blooded terrorist, the real-life Omar Saeed Sheikh, played superbly by Rajkummar Rao. As the story unravels, we see how a highly-educated, British-bred Pakistani gets radicalized into becoming an icy murderous agent, currently serving life imprisonment in a Karachi prison for the killing of American journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. ...Read full review