Bukjhim Ek Bhalobasa

Drama | Bengali | 2hrs 30mins | Age 5+


Bukjhim Ek Bhalobasa is a tragic love story set in the backdrop of rural Bangladesh in the decaying years of the Mughal Empire. Mansur Boyati and Chand Sultana, the principal protagonists of this tragic tale, are reminiscent of such characters as Heer-Ranjha, Soni-Mahewal, and Lorik-Chanda who populate the world of medieval Sufi romances. This in a way makes Bukjhim Ek Bhalobasa part of the traditional genre of premakhyan, which has remained immensely popular amongst the masses for a sufficiently long time, both in terms of its performative style and storytelling language. 

It is this distinctive style of storytelling that Syed Shamsul Haque has tried to the foreground in his narrative Bukjhim Ek Bhalobasa, wherein lies the inspiration of our play. Written in modern prose throbbing with intense lyricism and interspersed with music, Shamsul Haque’s narrative takes us into the world of Moimansingha Geetika. Here we meet the characters of Mansur and Chandbibi who, like their counterparts in other romances, fall in love with each other, suffer the pangs of separation and eventually die a tragic death. But what gives Bukjhim Ek Bhalobasa an added dimension is the presence of people like Feroz Dewan and Noorjahan who defy the stereotypical villainous roles reserved for them in the world of romances and yet come across as powerful characters unmatched in human dignity.

Cast and Crew:

Original story: Syed Shamsul Haque

Direction/Acting: Sraman Chatterjee

Supporting actors: Sarbajit Ghosh, Samadrita Paul

Music: Subhadeep Guha

Live Music Team: Chakrapani Dev (rhythm), Sushruta Goswami (flute),   Jayanta Saha(strings) and  Subhadeep Guha

Presented by - Aneek


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