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Captain Hurrah

Captain Hurrah

Drama | Bengali


The play “Captain Hurrah” is written by Mohit Chattopadhyay

About a context of 70’s trembling existence of Indians and a gap holding the ideological crisis. The manuscript itself finds it’s the way in an absurd manner, finding a way out from our distressed real existence. It influences to go through a voyage of time, Where classes and classified struggles exist in different manners and a herd of political vacuum always haunt them. A class of society, who are acquainted but not aware of their part in the journey of a system, get involved slowly in a direct struggle for existence. Where everyone, led by Captain Hurrah and vice-captain Googlu, sets apart through the flow of wavering time with a hope for a light of hope, for a new world, for a new society. Likely present days, a bunch of power is also present there, who resist the search of the hypothetical state for the welfare of their personal allowance and those who want to save the civilization, want to survive, want to breathe a change, are still looking for alternative pathways guided by a map. The map is the way to drive the system safely without a crash or scratch of the society.

When, a class believes in finding a way out, taking responsibilities and realizes the necessity of the map. That spirit gives us the map in our thoughts. When people feel the need for protest, resistance becomes rally against the power. The feud between people of two classes goes on. Knocking an emergency, sometimes the light leaves the ship, and the ship becomes uninhabited. Sometimes the system can be vandalized by the domestic extremists and the map of the dream of a new country can be looted. Repeating the history, these events are relevant still now. The crisis in our society is growing on, attacks on our ideologies happening frequently and our existence has become the liability where people are struggling for an alternative, moreover that, a new theory, a new system, a new country. The sail is still going on.

On stage: TURNA DAS, Apratim Sarkar, Sulagna Nath, Subhayan Ghosh, Arindam Sardar, Kushal Chattopadhyay, Subhrndu Chakraborty, Subhasish Khamaru

Backstage: Sajal Chakraborty, Dibyajyoti, Subhendu Biswas, Anurag Roy Chowdhury, Abyay Sadhu


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