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A Historical Play in Hindi

Chanakya was the greatest statesman, a visionary and arguably the first patriot of the world. He singlehandedly carved out the nation that is India today, out of chaos of infighting and exploiting regional kings of the time. This he did when the rest of the world was either made of city states or exploitative kingdoms ruled by tyrants.

Love for one’s society and one’s nation is the greatest virtue. Nationalism elevates an individual from his mundane existence and alleviates his quality of life. Patriotism binds an individual to his society and inspires the strong to work towards the betterment of the weak.

The present play Chanakya`s singular motive at heart is to stimulate patriotism and nationalism in people. Twenty years since its first show, the need for this subject has only increased, sadly. With terrorism and separatism on one hand and general decay of values on the other hand in our country, the depiction of this great merit is of greatest import in the present times.

This play is our modest attempt to read those glorious pages from the past, Our endeavour is to present an opportunity for introspection towards the Society and the leaders of the society. To proclaim that the nation is supreme and selfless love for the nation is the only virtuous selfishness. Family, Friends and fortune, all are secondary. 

We praise that celestial soul known as kautilya Chanakya and try to bring his divine work to the citizens of India

We invite you all to be part of this show, Thank you.


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