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Drama | Hindi


Gandh... odour or smell... Good or bad... In this play 'gandh' symbolises the memories, good or bad...


Memories (gandh) play a vital role in an individual’s life. If there are no memories then the survival would have been difficult. There are different types of memories. All types of memories are related with this title called Gandh.

The first story of a character is memorizing his school days, which includes the memory of sadness in the discontinuation of schooling and the happiness of meeting a school friend. Both these memories are related to school. The true friendship has been shown very naturally.

The second story is about the struggles of life. There comes a situation even though everything seems to be going right and good, the feeling of something is missing crops up, now, what’s that????? Is it getting parted from near and dear ones? This inspiration to lead a new kind of life. These characters start experiencing new things in life, which is making their life beautiful.

Third story is about the loneliness of a woman, who is in search of her lost memories, the realisation of her mistakes and betrayal, she is totally upset and dismayed. Betrayal a word, an experience which is very painful, needs to be given a beautiful tune in life. This beautiful tune takes you to the world of memorable happiness. In this story, all sorts of memories has been shown. Human body is full of memories. This interest, the liking for memories has been beautifully depicted.

The intention is to show all these memories (gandh), is to cherish the best memories of all the three stories...

Directed by: Manish Shirke

Writer: Samta Sagar & harshal alpe


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