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Ikigai & Co.`s GAA RE MAA

Ikigai & Co.`s GAA RE MAA

Drama | English, Hindi


Age Limit: 13+

Story: Ishitta Arun

Writer: Adhir Bhat & Siddharth Kumar

Director: Anahita Uberoi

Cast list - Bharati Achrekar, Suneeta Rao, Ruturaj Shinde, Danny Sura, Zayn Marie Khan / Rajshri Ponnappa and Aseem Hattangady

A comical war of musical aspirations, personal tragedy and familial angst- GAA RE MAA tells the quirky story of two musical women and their sons trying to find harmony in their lives: Prashant Kelkar aka Dj Paapi is a software engineer who aspires to make it as a DJ. Unfortunately, his biggest gigs thus far have been playing Punjabi 'hits' at weddings. But he is certain that big things are just around the corner. There are only two things in his way: The first is his music... he’s still struggling to find his sound. He finds inspiration literally everywhere he goes, sampling sounds from all kinds of sources, but his final compositions are always... difficult to comprehend. The second more daunting obstacle is his mother - Jaya Kelkar who was once a revered Hindustani Classical Singer but circumstances forced her career astray. Between his struggle with his music and a stern, overbearing mother who is adamant to protect Pappya from the cruel world of music, it seems like DJ Paapi is destined to play Sukhbir at weddings the rest of his life. But things change when Anita Peters moves to the building with her son Dave aka ’Dave-state’ And so begins a series of bizarre encounters, hilarious misunderstandings, heartfelt confessions and unexpected musical collaborations as Prashant drags the Peters into his musical ventures and by extension, into his Cold War with his mother.

Ga Re Maa is a labour of love that pays tribute to mothers - their dreams, disappointments, and vulnerabilities.

A story of two women brought together by their two sons and the magic of music.

While the device of different genres of music is used to sketch the world views of these characters, it is ultimately the common thread of music that ties them all together.

This story also brings together the old world of music and the present day artistic expression that is all about deconstructing rules. A seemingly discordant combination that fuses together charmingly. The characters who are seemingly at loggerheads with each other, unknowingly look out for each other.

Using live music fusing EDM, Hip Hop, Indian Classical and Gospel and an eclectic mix of aesthetics while designing the sets, this play looks into the strength of differences between people being a force that brings people together.

It’s music.

It’s love.

It’s real.

It’s fiery.

It’s mothers.


  • Age Limit: 13+
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