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Kishan v/s Kanhaiya

Kishan v/s Kanhaiya

Comedy | Hindi | Age 5+


Krishan V/S Kanhaiyaa;

*Paresh Rawal

A small-time street smart, conman, antique dealer, Kishan, who is an atheist is married to a very religious woman. There is always an argument about religion in the house. Hilariously funny situations are created due to this conflict.

Suddenly, Kishan’s shop is destroyed by an earthquake. Insurance company declines the claim as ‘act of God’. 

Unsuccessful in getting money from Insurance, Kishan Sues God since it was an Act of God that destroyed his shop. This decision sends a shock wave in the family and in the society. It creates a Media frenzy about the case. Though he is not a lawyer but fights the case himself. Some of the best and most lighthearted court scenes are created with arguments on both sides of the religion and the debate on the existence of God.

God visits him in person to explain that he cannot win and therefore should withdraw the case.

After being convinced that Kishan is an ordinary man fighting for his rights and rightfully fighting against people exploiting religion, God often visits him at his home shows him ways to defeat the people defending the case on behalf of temples and God. 

He actually WINs the case.. At some point, God shows him a miracle to prove he is the God, which unfortunately happens to be his last day of life. God himself delivers this bad news to him..

Media reports about his actions of fighting against the people who exploit God and religion make him semi-God after death. Pundits and Pujaris exploit his death and declare him a semi-god at a press conference. People start praying in his name and build temples for him.

Kishan pleads God to give him re-birth so he can spread the true meaning of prayers and religion to the public. Will God grant him his wish?


  • Age Limit: 5+
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