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Kundali Nu Renovation

Kundali Nu Renovation

Drama | Gujarati


As Long as Karma exists, the world changes. There will always be karma to be taken care of, but; some people don’t believe in Karma at all.

This story belongs to a person named Sheshadri. He believes in Horoscope more than the Karma in his life. He does everything according to the horoscope. He believes that no work can be done without seeing the horoscope. A day arrives and there is an earthquake in the life of Sheshadri when his wife gives the news of being pregnant on ‘Kaali Amavasya’, a not at all auspicious day for anything! Sheshadri is afraid and unhappy about this, thus he immediately approaches an Astrologer. Unfortunately, that astrologer is fraudulent and He takes advantage of Sheshadri’s innocence…  The Astrologer tells Sheshadri to do many rituals where some rituals are very high in costs. Sheshadri yet agrees to do all the rituals but his wife Himadri doesn’t believe in all this and she refuses to do the rituals.

Thus, because of this, the difference between the two of them starts taking place. On the other side Sheshadri’s madness about Astrology and Rituals are increasing day by day and one fine day Himadri asks him for a divorce. Sheshadri could not believe this because he wanted to improve their life with the help of astrology, but then, everything is going haywire. Sheshadri is at a juncture now where he has to choose between his wife and his beliefs. 

What will he choose? What will happen to their unborn child? Will ‘Kaali Amavasya’ affect the child? All these answers will be found in the play ‘’ કુંડળી નું રિનોવેશન (Kundali Nu Renovation)’’! 


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