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Laghu Kahaniya (Collage Of 4 Plays)

Laghu Kahaniya (Collage Of 4 Plays)

Drama | Hindi


TAGHYYUR (the Revolution)

The play is basically about human`s exploitation and cruelty against the animals. One day the animals approach Lord Indra for help and are blessed with human speech and inflect... but just for a DAY. 

Through these imaginative and entertaining circumstances,

Lo and behold...... What happens next?


The Lift-

A middle-aged person asks for a lift from a happily married couple on their way to Pune and after few conversations, the old man starts revealing the secrets of the couple, which suddenly change the atmosphere in the car.

How that person came to know about their secrets… is he a ghost or someone else... and how `The Lift` changes the aspect of their life and what next?

A gripping play which will make you think about your KARMA...

Do come and enjoy this physiological thriller with us…


Bhola ki bholi ke dadaji-

Even though Bhola (the male protagonist of the play) is an efficient businessman, he suffers from amnesia.

He resides with his wife; father and an assistant who helps him remember things which he forgets.

Since this disease persists in his family, Sunil`s father Mohan also suffers from memory loss due to which a lot of hassles happen in Sunil s family. The play takes a new twist and turns when one day suddenly the father disappears and Sunil declares reward of rupees 50 lakhs to find his father.

Now various people turn up claiming to be the father and since Sunil is amnesiac he too cannot firmly identify the real father.

So with all these confusion, will the real father turn up or any fake person will get the reward.

To find out, let’s witness the fun


A psychopath killer disguised as a salesman meets his 12th victim. The killer is happy as the girl already wants to commit suicide. So he starts playing psychological games with her. Will the salesman kill the girl or spare her? This is a very gripping story called Asmanjas. It will teach you a new meaning of life.


Play – Bhola Ki Bholi Ke Dadaji (Kids)


Avni D Jayakumar,Namish Saikia, Siddhii S Kedia, Tanussh P Shorewala, Parth Tarway, Advik Agarwal, Arnav Nigam, Ritika Bhattacharjee

Play- Taghyyur (Kids)


Sangini Kotecha,Riddhi Soni,Izaan Kazi, Sejal Bharambe,Prerna Sainath,Dhruv Kota,Pratul Thanki ,Rithik Bharadwaj,Anushree Solanki,Mayank Bhatia,Aadi Jobiwal,khush Kariya,Yoma Mehra

Play- The Lift 


Sahasrangshu S Bhattacharjee, Aishwarya Sane, Vinayak Desai

Play- Asmanjas


Dilip Tekwani, Kinnari Singh


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