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Drama | Hindi

Veda Factory: Mumbai | 200

This story created from the epic "Mahabharat”. The life story of ‘Kunti-putra Karana’ who has faced identity and low caste crisis in his entire life.

The play shows issues regarding blind commitment and true logic where Krishna is portrayed for the first time as a political figure. Karna’s unfleching loyalty to the Kauravas and his pain at being rejected by society is highlighted in a dramatic way. The son of ‘Surya' and ‘Kunti’, Kunti refused to accept him and let him to float on a basket in a river. When Kunti told the truth, Karan refused to accept her as a mother.  Karana was very kind towards beggars. Karan was very honest about his friendship with Duryodhana.  He supported him in the battle of ‘Mahabharat’ against his brothers, in spite of knowing that it may be wrong.

A rare balance between the words, gesture and movements, the play captures Karna’s trauma to that of a socially oppressed, which even gives light on the modern contemporary caste system of our society.


On Stage: Rahul Gupta, Praveen Sagar, Shalini, Teresa, Mohit Vaid, Shubham, Avinash Rai, Amit

Back Stage: Ashutosh Kushwaha, Raghav, Sumit Suman, Bhawna, 


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