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Monalisa Ki Muskaan

Monalisa Ki Muskaan

Drama | Hindi | Age 18+


Ruhi has walked down the aisle with Amaan but her nuptial life is going through a lean patch...the experience has not been very exciting or exhilarating.
Though she has no dearth of money and luxury in her life, still she is leading a lonely life...Some sort of vacuum has engulfed her and she wants to break the shackles of that vacuum and oblivion.
One fine day, she is alone at home, trying to get sozzled because whenever she is down in the dumps, she finds solace in alcohol. Suddenly the doorbell rings...She opens the door, only to invite an intruder who dashes in her house and introduces himself as Iqbaal Rai, claiming that he is an old friend of Armaan.

The denoument of Iqbal's arrival is that Ruhi witnesses a series of unexpected events that evening as asseverated by Iqbal. Though reluctant in the beginning but slowly she starts getting attracted towards Iqbal. 

Iqbaal tells Ruhi that even before rubbing shoulders with Ruhi, he has seen her in a naked picture in his dream. Iqbal has the gift of the gab and because of this quality, he succeeds in winning the confidence of Ruhi and is almost advancing towards her bed that Ruhi's friend Sakina arrives...Iqbal who is a philanderer starts flirting with Sakina, only to make Ruhi jealous. All three involved in a conversation which has all sorts of emotions which can be seen in the human psyche...Meanwhile Ruhi's maid Hira, her neighbor Dr. Bose and a nosy parker lady named Uparwali join them occasionally to witness the strange happenings at Ruhi's place. All are hell-bent in knowing who is Iqbal, what for has he come, what his intentions are.
All such questions will be answered at the end of the play...So just take a gander at MONALISA KI MUSKAAN


  • Age limit: 18+.
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