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RIP - Restlessness in Pieces

RIP - Restlessness in Pieces

Drama | English


What is freedom? How free is a woman? Is she free to live on her own terms, to travel on her own terms, to be herself, by herself? In RIP a woman seeks her path, within her restricted life, tied to her husband, by first convincing her husband to take her with him on his work-related travel. Travelling is her dream. Through her travel, she grows and frees herself. And, this is her celebration!
An interactive solo, RIP is a woman’s personal, and political, narration full of satire and humor. It takes the audience into a journey, also their own, of emotions, opinions, and questioning, of every day and taken for granted conventionality of women’s lives, in individual, social, cultural and political milieus.

RIP is an abbreviation used to wish well for the soul that no more occupies a human body. Interestingly, other meanings of the word are a tear, split, shred, break, scratch, cleave. I stick to RIP as ‘restlessness in pieces’, a contrary context to its usual meaning. The performance is an inquiry into Rest in Peace itself. For a body that goes through so much restlessness in life, both within and outside in the world, how can there be Rest in Peace after death? Why can we not rest in peace while we are alive? How? By inquiring into our own restlessness, and releasing it out. It opens up an individual’s possibilities of living, where the focus is not on final product but rather on the person living, in that process.
This piece evolved in inquiring into performance, space and actor-spectator relationship, looking for its form and content.


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