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Sri Devi Fine Arts Presents Ponniyin Selvan 2

Sri Devi Fine Arts Presents Ponniyin Selvan 2

Drama | Tamil


''PONNIYIN SELVAN - 2 ''One Tamil novel that has swept the imagination of readers, it's Ponniyin Selvan  Son of Ponni). this epic has impressed readers for generations. The five-part historical novel has been adapted into stage plays for several years and has captivated the audience every time. This time around, Sridevi productions has produced Amarar Kalki in Ponniyin Selvan - 2.

Condensing five volumes into a play is quite a task but the director has managed to pull it off. The likable stage presence of the artists and a delightful romantic angle make this play seem perfect. This was indeed a commendable performance. The play opens with the core element of the story. The stage is lit beautifully. The backdrop of the set changes according to the scene and the props used are almost nil. The costumes aren't too elaborate and they seem apt for the characters. The director of the play, PONNIYIN BASKER has brought magic to the stage. The audience cheered during the happy moments and were absorbed by the story during the intense scenes 

The mystery of Aditya Karikalan death is still unknown, and the truth reveals, Periya Pazhuvettarayar claims that he had killed Aditya Karikalan.

Vandhiyathevan, Kundavi and most of the characters are true where their details are found in Tanjore Temple inscriptions

Arul Mozhi varman (Raja Raja Chozan) traveled to Sri Lanka but failed to conquer the entire country as the Sri Lankan king hide into the forest

Madurantaka, Uttama Chola, was the son of Gandaraditya and Sembian Mahadevi. Though he did not wish for the crown, it was thrust upon him by Rajaraja Cholan and his friend Vallavaraiyan Vandhiyathevan. He ruled for a period of about 12 years, after whose death Rajaraja Cholan ascended to the throne

Kundavai certainly didn't move out of Tanjore – fittingly capitalized by Kalki (she says to Vanathi that she will never leave Chozha Nadu - even after marriage)

She probably spent more time growing up sons of Rajaraja than with her husband  - Any historical evidence to this ??
We are not sure whether Vandhiyathevan - Kundavi had any issues - and if so, was he/she recognized in Chola empire?
Ponniyin selvan Accepts Pazhuvettarayar 's Daughter or Not ?* Parthibandheran captured the Chola kingdom or again defeated ??
Let us also listen to that honey-sweet scenes of love and betrayal, defeat, success and more cinematic views with original, drifting in the breeze with live sets on stage Don't miss this historical Ponniyin Selvan- 2 come and live the play with real experience.


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