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Teen Poisar Pala

Drama | Bengali | 2hrs 30mins

Ajitesh Bandyopadhyays Teen Poisar Pala was an adaptation of the German Play Die Dreigroschenoper (Three Penny Opera) by Bertolt Brecht.
Not only the greatest literary geniuses of the world has pointed out, but also the half-literate idiots like us, who try to gather knowledge from various pockets, will acknowledge that the Brechtian plays do not follow any known or given mould.
If we try to post mortem the exact style, then we will end up discussing the typically heavy topics like History of Performance, Marx, Lenin, Hitlers Germany, Expressionist Evolution etc. and end up without reaching anywhere and feel like facing the void more than ever before, as idiots will remain Idiots, forever.
Hence it is easier to follow the Brechtian logic adding a dash of Bollywood to it (BECAUSE Mahindranath loves it)!
Ajitesh Bandyopadhyay had adapted the same usage of introducing the acts through posters in his translation and production (which Sangharam has chosen not to follow) i.e. at the beginning of each act, introducing the characters and their consequences through short captions in posters that will come and go. So even if it is not possible to fit the entire story in a caption, lets follow the idea and try to produce the same through something which you would like to call a Synopsis. Right?
Mahindranath, Dacoit Leader (Businessman, to be precise), a very important persona to his country and country-men, specially the women..in the meantime he has eloped with Jatin Pals daughter Parulbala
Jatin Pal, the King of Beggars, approximately 7000 beggars work under him, collecting money from the streets of Kolkata..it is but natural that Jatin Pal is angry with Mahindranath and has promised revenge
Botokeshto Sarkar, a senior Police Officer who believes in do whatever for own benefit, very friendly with Mahin..wait and watch how Jatin Pal uses Botokeshto to bring Mahin to the gallows
Jyotsna, a prostitute from Sonagachhi, Mahins kept, loves Mahin with all her heart, and once the two of them lived together, which finally did not work out. So she remained a prostitute. The prostitute has also promised revenge as she has not achieved being a wife...
Lotu, Botokeshtos daughter, is another of Mahinswives. She is all ready to fight for Mahins life as she averts widowhood..., but according to Mahin, Botokeshto is a Gobindo and his daughter is a PaanchiMahin, unfortunately, is not being able to contest any of the revenges even while being loved by his country and country-men. Why? Is he an idiot? Or weak? Or helpless? You have to watch to if you want to know...
A Trailer is this much and no more, so please do not expect the same, just watch the show. However, we can tell you that the various names that you came in contact with going through various incidents and accidents do not belong to faces but to masks. There are no humans in this play, my brother, but human like shadows, and there are many rascals in the play, whom you will find in the casting list and on the stage in action.
A small request, do please remember to enter the hall wearing your own mask, or else if you watch with open eyes and find similarity with any of the masks on the stage that match your own, you might not feel comfortable. The chances for the same are less if you are already behind a mask. So be ready to mask yourself as we are about to start Teen Poisar Pala!

Teen Paisar Pala
Translation & Adaptation Ajitesh Bandyopadhyay
Direction: Tathagata Chaudhury
Actors : Anirban Bhattacharya and others.
A Hatibagan Sangharam production


  • Age Limit- 5+.
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