The Last Salute in Kamani Auditorium: Delhi
Oct 14

The Last Salute

Adaptation Drama Political Hindi 1 hr

Kamani Auditorium: Delhi,
Copernicus Marg, Janpath, Mandi House, Delhi, NCR 110001, India

  • Sat 14 Oct, 07:30 PM

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Arvind Gaur


Rajesh Kumar


Imran Zahid, Mahesh Bhatt, Ishwak Singh

The Last Salute, (50th Show), one of the defining political acts of our time, is coming to Delhi by Moonlght Films and Theatre Studio, starring Imran Zahid. The play explores facts of the gulf crisis and the US intervention which has been questioned by the civilized world time and again. The play is expected to attract the elite audience which is interested in global issues like this one. It explores emotions, talks about world peace and political orders of the day affect the common man.

The Concept: The play 'Last Salute' is presented by the well-known film maker Mahesh Bhatt, scripted by Rajesh Kumar and directed by the veteran theatre Director Arvind Gaur, the play is an adaptation of the famous book 'The Last Salute to President Bush' written by journalist Muntadhar Al Zaidi.

They play opens with Mahesh Bhatt reading a letter to Jorge Bush which he has written to him in 2002 refusing prayer breakfast.

This play is going to be a wonderful experience.