Two days theatre festival of Chetna Rangsamooh - 1

Comedy | Hindi | 1hr 30mins


Pati Patni Aur Court

In a family court, a beautiful couple comes to the judge for divorce and in front of the same judge, they got married in the marriage court 1 year ago. The Judge feels very sad to see these husband and wife in the divorce court. Due to not having sufficient reason for divorce, the Judge orders both husband and wife to stay together for one month (cooling-off period) and during this one month period the Judge tries to bring both husband and wife back to each other.

Through this play, they want to show that you can resolve your relationship with harmony because it is very easy to break the relationship but it is very difficult to maintain it.

This is light comedy-drama and satire on matters of increasing divorce in the society.

Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman is a two-act play, centering on the main character, Willy Loman. At age sixty-three, Willy has been a traveling salesman all his life. Despite his hard work and grueling schedule, the Lomans have always lived on the edge of poverty and Willy has always been underlying in his company. Yet Willy constantly tells himself and his family that the "big break" he deserves is just around the corner. He has raised his two sons, Biff and Happy, to also believe that somehow life has cheated them and insists that one day they will get their due. Linda, Willy's dutiful wife, lives under the thin veneer of denial that her husband has so long tried to keep from collapsing.

Willy finds that because of changing economic conditions the company has no further need for his services. Willy is devastated and is unable to understand how his employer could just cast him aside after so many years of faithful service. In Act 1, Willy states his work ethic clearly when he says that a man who makes his appearance in the business world is the man who gets ahead. Willy’s old boss has died, leaving his son the company. The new owner sees Willy as having outlived his usefulness to the company. Willy is terminated and soon discovers that he is unable to find other similar employment.

Despite his protests otherwise, Willy knows he is a failure. He begins to slowly kill himself by inhaling gas fumes from a hose in the garage, an act that relieves his mental anguish and gives him a brief

high. The gas also muddles Willy's mind, conflating past, present, and future. This shifting through time and space helps the reader/audience see how much pressure there has been on this simple man to be accepted in the only way he thinks is valuable: to make money. He wants desperately to be "well liked," and without the status of being a manager who makes more money, the dream is impossible. He dies as he has lived, a failure in the eyes of society.

Cast: Pati Patni Aur Court


Judge-   Jayant Gadekar    

Judge’s wife-  Geetika

Rahul-  Aakash Kumar

Aditi- Debupriya Dutta

Manoj- Prabal Pratap Singh

Ritu-  Khushbu

Old Man-Manish Shirke

Old Woman-Anjali Shirke

Ramesh-   Ashutosh Behura

Mrs.Meerchandani-  Geetika

Nandni- Khushbu

4years old child- Rambo Patil


Writer & Director  - Ashish Shrivastav

Music-Umesh Tarkaswar

Set Design-Manish Shirke

Light Design-Kamal Jain

Cast: Death Of A Salesman

On Stage:

Willy Loman-   Alok Chatterjee

Linda Loman-  Jyoti Dubey

Biff Loman-  Dinesh Nair

Happy Loman- Rahul Tiwari

Ben Loman- Rajeev Shrivastav

Charlee- Vivek Mridul

Bernard-Ashish Ojha

Howard- Ramesh Ahire

Stanley-Prakash Gayekwad

Miss Francis- Bhawna Shrivastav/Khushbu Choubitkar

Miss Forsaye- Manju Malviya

Back Stage:

Writer-Arthur Miller

Design & Direction - Ashish Shrivastav

Translation-Ashish Shrivastav

Light-Kamal Jain



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