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Whilst Walking Showcase

Street Plays | English, Hindi, Bengali, Spanish, German, Italian | Age Above 13


“Whilst Walking” theatre festival is an initiative by a collective of international devising artistes that travels through India to taste the tinges of the cultural diversity of the country while showcasing their own devised work on the way. 

The “Whilst Walking Showcase” has 6 devised performances essentially conceived and created in the context/ myths of the creators own origin and through a personal journey of the performers/ creators. The collective opens it for the first time in front of Indian audiences of the different region to explore the universality of the appeal of the creations. Lecoq’s method, that essentially talks about principles of organic, historical and mythical communication through a body and collective subconscious, has been the backbone for creating these performances. The showcases will invite important feedback from a relatively foreign audience would help us, the creators to understand the ways of communications that worked universally. 

Description of shows: 

  1. Gut Buddies: Karl and Brian, two eccentric characters. Magnetic in empathy, problematic in a pair. "Gut Buddies" was produced from a year-long research project into the theme of relational dependencies and utopian ideas of community. The theatrical language of the piece is simple, two characters negotiating how to live together. We blend cartoon imagery, with strong characters saturated in luminous colors. In a world threatened by the problem of coexistence and compliance, it is still possible to be “Gut Buddies”? 
  1. Who’s at the door, we can’t be sure
    A piece of absurd physical comedy. Robin, John, and Trish are three connected with the house. Bound by routine, these domestic comrades are pulled through a frustrated sense of time waiting for ‘Adam’ to come home. The three are mischievous companions facing the dangers of the outside world coming in. It is a tale of the hopeful doubt of whether they exist or not.

  2. You’ve Met Your Match: The piece is a performance and a relationship experiment. As two performers strive towards a healthy match, there is a balanced weighting. But what happens if one pushes harder?  If one doesn´t give resistance? Or one gives up? The performance is a physical research into the crash when you think you're on the same page as somebody, but not.

  3. Happily, Ever After!!!
    A young heterosexual couple, who never acted or treated each-other ‘specially’ to fulfill the social obligation of being their respective gender – fell in love and decided to get married. But what happens when they enter the “holy matrimony”! How do they confront and endure the redefinition and alteration of roles, duties, values, and beliefs according to the expectation of the society that shapes around their gender! How the patriarchy penetrates in or was it always present silently in their ‘liberal” and “equal” relationship!
    “Happily, Ever After” is a multi-disciplinary creation of personal experience with the reference of collective introspection and reflection by a real-life artist couple.

  4. Persephone – Dancing with the shadows
    The performance is a descent into the underworld inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone. The narrative alludes to the cyclical nature of life-death and to a resurrection, and to question what it means to embrace death-in-life. The audience is invited into an atmospheric world encountered through movement, non-linear storytelling, sound, and light.

  5. A little fly 
    Rationality vs irrationality. Humanity vs Animality. Question vs Answer. Organization vs Disorganization. Persisting vs Letting go. Today vs Tomorrow. Where are the balances and where are the limits? Treating the opposites as similarities and potentiating extremes and creating in the middle, whatever it is, space.


  • Age limit: 13+.
  • We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior at the venue.
  • Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment.