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William Shakespeare`s Macbeth

William Shakespeare`s Macbeth

Drama | Hindi


Macbeth” - a play narrated, staged and filmed through generations continues to recreate the magic and spring surprises though creative interpretations by master storytellers and directors. Tamasha’s “Macbeth” promises uniqueness in its representation of this play.

A timeless classic of  Shakespeare “Macbeth” comes to you with its tale of conspiracy, deception, and mystery. The magic of witches, the capriciousness of an ambitious Queen and a King who is a pawn of love and ambition - “Macbeth” enthralls its audiences with its depiction of love and ruthlessness in the journey of human aspiration. What is good and what is evil? Does the end justify the means? Is dreaming of glory evil?  Is prophecy an articulation of fate or manifestation of inert desires? Is obsession and result of passion? Glory, Gory, and guilt -  are the natural progression of human obsession?  Answers lay in the play for audiences to find like a piece of a puzzle waiting to be unearthed.

A nation divided and at ransom in the midst of royal intrigue. The journey of royals and generals, soldiers and common men unfolds as the prophecies of the witches kindle the ambitions of Lady Macbeth. She transfers this obsession to her husband by stoking his latent fire for the crown and driving him to betray his King and countrymen. The tragedy unfolds meandering through murder and war, crime and guilt of the royal couple. Bloodshed leading to a creation of a new order at the altar of ambition.

The play brought to you by Tamasha Entertainment and Directed by K. Madavane

Producer: Rajul Khare (Tamasha Entertainment

Co-Producer- Jitender Yadav (vlogit)

Assistant Director: Deepankar Mukherjee

Tamasha Entertainment Production Team: Rajul Khare, Deepankar Mukherjee, Tarosh Rao (Lights), Hurmat Ali Khan, Prankur Arora, Chhavi Aggarwal, Bhavya Jangra, Vasanti Deshpande, Trisha Mahajan.


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