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Annabelle: Creation
Horrifying tale of a dollmakers dark possession

Annabelle: Creation

English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
15 Aug, 2017
1 hrs 49 mins
94,299 votes
5 35678
4 27751
3 18905
2 6289
1 5652
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Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a doll-maker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the doll-maker's possessed doll, Annabelle.
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Verdict: A terrifying film that will make you throw away your rag dolls. If you walked out of Annabelle all disappointed back in 2014, here`s some solace coming your way. Actually, it`s much more than just solace as Annabelle: Creation proves to be mighty superior than its predecessor. While that`s not saying much, this film manages to []... ...Read full review
If I see one more horror movie about someone moving to a new house, facing supernatural things and ultimately leaving it, Im going to get an Ouija board, summon a spectral entity, and ask it to murder film writers who come up with this same idea over and over again. ...Read full review
Director David F. Sandberg`s latest offering `Annabelle: Creation` - as the title suggests - is the original tale or the prequel to the 2014 released `Annabelle`. It is the fourth installment in the Conjuring series. It once again focusses on the creepy doll seen in `The Conjuring` and fills in its demonic backstory in this haunted house film. ...Read full review
Yet another tiresome film in the formulaic and metastasising devil-doll horror franchise that started with The Conjuring and its sequel The Conjuring 2, notionally inspired by real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Annabelle: Creation is, heartsinkingly, a prequel to the prequel that was Annabelle (2014), which gave the glassy-eyed Victorian doll from The Conjuring its own backstory. ...Read full review
A wise man once said it couldve been Steven Spielberg, David Mamet, or Walter Murch (or, quite possibly, all three) that the true testament to a films greatness is if you watch it without sound (or subtitles), and still understand the basic nuances of the plot. ...Read full review
PARENTS frightened of their own child have sustained many a horror film. A malevolent spirit in a childs doll many others. We neednt look further than even The Conjuring, of which Annabelle: Creation is the fourth spin-off, and the prequel to a prequel. ...Read full review
A good horror movie makes your heart leap out of your chest while simultaneously tugging at your heartstrings. And were happy to report that Annabelle: Creation, the fourth installment in The Conjuring franchise, is emotionally potent and downright scary. ...Read full review
Annabelle: Creation makes you fear the doll again and this time for genuine, wit-numbing reason. There comes a time when you actually want to get up and leave the theater to get hold of the normal things going around you. ...Read full review
Remember that hideous doll from The Conjuring? The one that wreaked havoc in perfectly decent homes by stealing the souls of people? Well, after landing a starring role in its own spin-off movie, 2014s Annabelle, we now get a prequel in Annabelle: Creation which tells the origin story of that grotesque toy, how it became such a formidable force of evil. ...Read full review
Annabelle: Creation starts when Mullins family consisting of Samuel and Esther Mullins lose their only daughter Annabelle in a car accident. Cut to a few years later few orphans from St. Eustaces Girls Home arrive at Mullins house to stay as apparently theyve no else place to stay. ...Read full review
The very mention of Annabelle sends shivers down my spine, thanks to The Conjuring series. Nobody would be able to see a rag doll with the same amount of love and affection like they used to. In fact, I wouldnt even want any sort of doll at my place, after watching Annabelle Creation. That is, if I remember half the scary moments from the movie. ...Read full review
Origin stories have a wealth of potential. While they`re pretty abundant in the superhero film setup, to have a back-to-the-roots story in a horror franchise is a rarity. Annabelle Creation traces the backstory of the dreaded Annabelle doll that`s become a certified movie legend thanks to the The Conjuring films. ...Read full review