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adidas Creators Young Stars - New Delhi

Adidas Football The Base Plaza: New Delhi
| 09:00 am
| ₹ 500 Onwards

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The event is a 5V5 football tournament for the U-14 and U-16 age categories. adidas is the global leader in football. It is the official sponsor/official partner of the most important football tournaments in the world, such as the FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Confederations Cup, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA European Championships.

adidas also sponsors some of the world's top nations like Argentina, Germany, Spain and Belgium. Some of the world's best players also on the adidas roster are Leo Messi, Gareth Bale, Thomas Muller, Luis Suarez, James Rodriguez, Diego Costa and Mesut Ozil.



  • Age limit
  • New Delhi
  • U-16 - All participants born on or after 30 June 2002.
  • U-14 - All participants born on or after 30 June 2004.
  • Original Govt Photo ID is required on the day of the tournament. Teams will not be permitted without an ID.
  • This is a Boys-only Tournament.
  • The number of players: 5 players (including Goalkeeper). A team shall be awarded as a walk-over if the opposing team has less than 3 players on the field at the designated kick-off time.
  • Number of Substitutes: A maximum of 3 substitutes are allowed.
  • ROLLING SUBSTITUTIONS - A player once substituted, will be allowed to take further part in the game, by coming on as a substitute himself.
  • To replace a player with a substitute, the following conditions must be observed:
  • The referee must be informed before any proposed substitution is made.
  • The substitute only enters the field of play after the player being replaced has left and after receiving a signal from the referee.
  • The substitute only enters the field of play during a stoppage in the match.
  • The substitution is completed when a substitute enters the field of play.
  • All substitutes are subject to the authority and jurisdiction of the referee, whether called upon to play or not.
  • A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery) as per the Laws of the Game
  • Jersey or shirt with sleeves
  • Shorts
  • Socks / Stockings
  • Shin-guards
  • Footwear with studs
  • No player shall be allowed to participate in his respective match without all 5 aforementioned items.
  • The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored and the result of the match, are final and the same cannot be challenged or appealed.
  • Severe actions will be taken against any player found guilty of disrespecting or misbehaving with the referee and/or opposition players.
  • An appropriate amount of stoppage time will be provided as per the referees discretion.
  • Half-time interval shall not exceed a period of 3 minutes.
  • League stage No extra time will be provided.
  • Knockout stage Penalty Shoot-out - no extra-time.
  • Each team will have 3 penalty kicks, the team to score more goals out of the 3 penalties wins the match. If at the end of 3 penalties each, both teams have scored the same number of goals, the match will move into Sudden Death.
  • Each team has one penalty each. If both teams score or miss their respective penalties, one more penalty each is awarded. This procedure goes on until one team scores and the other misses, as the case may be.
  • As per the referees discretion and subject to the Laws of the Game, a yellow card or a red card shall be shown.
  • Two yellow cards in a single match for a single player will result in a red card.
  • Red card: Player is sent off. This will result in the player missing the rest of the match, as well as the next match.
  • Kick-ins are awarded instead of throw-ins.
  • For the purpose of letting the match progress smoothly, the off-side rule shall NOT apply.
  • In the League Stage, points will be awarded as follows:
  • Win: 3 points
  • Draw: 1 point
  • Lose: No points
  • If at the end of the league stage, 2 or more teams have the same number of points, the relevant teams head-to-head shall apply, failing which, team with the highest goal difference shall progress, failing which the team with the highest number of goals scored will be taken into account and failing which the team with the lowest number of goals conceded will be considered. Failing all the above, a coin toss shall be conducted.
  • Fixtures and timings will be updated on BOOK MY SHOW. Any changes in the fixtures or timings will be communicated well in advance via email, SMS and/or on the Adidas Uprising official social media page, along with an update on the website.
  • Teams should report to the venue at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start of their respective matches. If a team fails to reach the venue within 10 minutes after the scheduled start time of their match, they forfeit the match 3-0.
  • Players are not allowed to transfer from one team to another after the start of the tournament.
  • The final decision of any process or dispute/protest will be taken by the organisers of the Adidas Uprising and all participants must respect and adhere to the decision.
  • Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment.
  • Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior at the venue to pick up your physical tickets.

Venue Details

Adidas Football The Base Plaza: New Delhi

Gadarpur Mandi Road, Westend DLF Chattarpur Farms, Sultanpur, Delhi, NCR 110030, India

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