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PUBG World Champions - Solo

PUBG World Champions - Solo

Esports | Age 16+

Online (Play from home) | 250

PUBGChampions is the biggest E-SPORTS gaming platform offers to hardcore / novice players with age group of 16+ years to choose their career as E-SPORTS. Join us to have LIFE-FUN, apply your gaming skills @ PUBG WORLD CHAMPIONS SOLO TOURNAMENTS and WIN CASH rewards upto 2.5 LAKHS.  

So why to wait, if you think you can make victory, this is perfect gaming platform showcase your talent and make a career as a professional gamer.




Entry Fee    : ₹ 300

PrizePool    : ₹ 2.5 Lakhs

Read our PUBG guide here.


QUE. Who all are eligible to play this tournament?

ANS. Every Indian resident above the age of 16+ can register for this tournament. 

QUE. What is PUBG Username and where can I find it?

ANS. The PUBG Username is a display name of your PUBG Mobile account.   

     To find your PUBG Username :

  1. Open the game 
  2. Click on the top right profile image
  3. You can find your PUBG Username next to your profile photo.

QUE.  I have a problem registering myself so whom should I contact?

ANS.  Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or +91 9327114645 

QUE. After successful payment, when and how do i join the tournaments? 

ANS. Once your tournaments fees payment is successful, be ready 15 minutes

     prior to the tournaments date & time. Your game credential (room id / password)

     will be sent via registered contact details. 

     Join the tournaments using given credentials as below, 

         1. Open the game 

         2. Click on the -> top left home/room icon below the map selection.

         3. Enter Room ID & Password to join the room.

         4. After Joining the room match will be starts at defined time.

QUE. How tournaments are organized and prize will be distributed? 

ANS. Tournament will be played in two round 

  • Round 1 ->  Semi-Final and
  • Round 2 ->  Final

Round 1: Total 100 player in each room. See example

           - If Total play 500 than Top 20 from each room will be qualified 

           - If Total play 1000 than Top 10 from each room will be qualified 

Round 2: 

        -> Each Player qualified in Semi-final is eligible for Round 2 – FINAL

        -> Each Player in playing FINAL round will be rewarded 

Prize will be distributed as below : -

   1st Rank : ₹ 50,000    6 to 10 Rank : ₹ 25,000 (Each Rank ₹ 5,000)

   2nd Rank : ₹ 40,000   11 to 50 Rank : ₹ 40,000 (Each Rank ₹ 1,000)

   3rd Rank : ₹ 30,000   51 to 100 Rank : ₹ 30,000 (Each Rank ₹ 600)

   4th Rank : ₹ 20,000    Most Kill (ROUND 2-FINAL): ₹ 5,000

   5th Rank : ₹ 10,000 

 -> At the end of the ROUND2-FINAL, every winning player will be contacted through

   registered contact details (email or whatsapp or text)

-> Every winner has to share below full details with us by one week of the 

   tournaments (Full name, Contact number, Physical address

   Email ID, PayTM or Bank Account Details (A/C Holders Name, A/C No., IFSC

   Code, Bank Name)

-> On arrival of your details, the respective payments will be sent for processing.

   The transaction will be done on the name of registered player within 3 to 7

   working days of successful submission of requested details. If any individual 

   fails to submit complete details, their prize will be forfeited.


  • If any team player is caught using Emulators or any kind of GFX tools, Cheats, Scripts, Etc, respective player will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • IF there is a Mismatch from given detail.
  • In case of disqualification, respective player will not be liable for refund of registration fee.


  • Age limit : 16+
  • This event will be conducted & played online on 3rd & 4th Aug 2019 
  • Any Indian player can participate and play from the comfort of their home
  • Tournament is SOLO so each participant needs register individually 
  • By registering you agree that all details provided are accurate, any discrepancy will result in cancellation of registration
  • A custom room will be created on tournament day. Credentials (Room, id & password) will be shared with participant via registered mobile no. (Whatsapp or text message) 
  • Failing to join the custom room at given time will lead to disqualification.
  • Only mobile phones are allowed, no Emulators or Tablets.
  • Hackers will be disqualified.
  • Teaming with other players or unregistered players entering room will results in permanent ban from ongoing & further contests
  • PUBGChampions has right to remove any participant at its sole discretion to ensure fairplay