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SHIELD PUBG Tournament 2019

Shooting | English, Hindi | 8hrs


This event will be played online only. Any Indian player can participate in this tournament and play from the comfort of their home.

Note: Each squad registration can have a maximum of up to 4 players.No matter how many players are in your squad (up to 4), the fees for one squad will be Rs.400

Online PUBG event in which 400 teams will compete for the top spot.

Registration of teams will be carried on till 1st of January 2019. 400 teams will registered for the tournament and will go on though qualifiers, playoffs then finals to secure the top spot through the course of 4 days.


1st round- DAY 1 & 2


No. Of rooms- 20

(Top 5 squads from each room will  qualify for play-offs)

Play-offs- DAY 3


No. Of rooms- 5

(Top 4 squads from each room will qualify for the finale)

Finale- DAY 4


No. Of room- 1

Prize Pool- ₹50,000

Winner- ₹15k

1st Runner-up- ₹5k

2nd to 5th- ₹7.5k [₹2.5k each squad]

6th to 10th- ₹10k [₹2k each squad]

11th to 15th- ₹7.5k [₹1.5k each squad]

Rest ₹5k will be distributed among the individual players for most kills to top 5 players on the list.


Q. Who all are eligible to play this tournament?

A. Everyone above the age of 13 can register for this tournament. 

Q. What is PUBG user id or character id and where can I find it?

A. The PUBG user id is a 10 digit unique number assigned to each PUBG mobile player. To find your character id:

1. Open the game 

2. Click on the top right profile image

3. You can find your character id in front of your character name in the center of your screen.

Q. I have a problem registering my team where should I contact admin?

A. You can contact us anytime via email.

[email protected]

Q. What will be the payment procedure?

A. Prize money will be awarded to winners as per the following rules:

Winner Teams captain must email the tournament organizer at email id the following details and mark all of your team member in CC and send it within one week of the tournament conclusion date

Full name :

Contact number :

Physical address :

Email ID :

Bank Account Details. (A/C Holders Name, A/C No. , IFSC Code, Bank Name )

Once received, the payments will be sent for processing. The transaction will be done on the name of team captain of the winning team within 3 to 7 working days of successful submission of team details. If any team fails to submit complete details, their prize will be forfeited.


1. Make sure add all your team members email ids in CC while replying.

2. Prize money transactions will be made through IMPS.

Q. How to play the match?

A. 1) In-game room credentials will be made available to your team captain 10 mins prior to the game. 

2) Join in-game room using credentials received.

3) Every member in of your team must join the room to play the match.

4) Wait for admin to start the match.

5) if the match is BEST OF 3 come back to our website to check your next match credentials.

6) Admins will update the scores on our website www.teamshield.in and check the schedule to know about your next match.


  • Age Limit: 13+
  • This is an online event. Any Indian individual is allowed to register this tournament. 
  • Players and their respective squads can play from the comfort of their home. 
  • Only the team leader has to register. Organizers will contact only the team leader and the team leader has to coordinate with the rest of the squad. 
  • By registering and making a payment you agree that all details provided are accurate. Any discrepancy may result in cancellation of registration.
  • A custom room will be created every match day. Room ID and password will be sent to the team leader via our website/ Telegram / E-mail. 
  • Team leader along with their squad has to join the room in the given time. 
  • Failure to join the room in time may lead to disqualification of the entire squad. 
  • Team leader has to submit a valid WhatsApp enabled phone number and a valid E-mail ID. Organizers will contact the team leader via WhatsApp / E-mail for notifications. 
  • Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment.
  • Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.

  • Disqualification:

If any team or player caught using emulators or any kind of gfx tools, cheats, scripts etc. The whole squad will get disqualified from the tournament.

To keep tournaments as efficient as possible, Team SHIELD reserves the right to disqualify Squads.

In case of disqualification, Team SHIELD will not be liable for the refund of registration fees.