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Tata Tiscon SD 10K Run

Tata Tiscon SD 10K Run



TATA TISCON SD 10k Run VIZAG, don’t just chase your dreams...run them down!

Prize Money





Position 1



Position 2



Position 3



1. Prize money is in Indian Rupees.

2. Tax will be deducted at source.

3. The decision of the Race Director is final and binding in any matter related to the race.

NOTE: The T-Shirt Sizes: S(38); M(40); L(42); XL(44); XXL(46).


  1. Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment.
  2. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  3. We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior at the venue to pick up your physical tickets.

10K Run

  1.  Assembly Time - 5:30 am
  2.  Race Start Time – 6:00 am

5K Run

  1. Assembly Time - 5:30 am
  2. Race Start Time – 6:15 am

3K Run

  1. Assembly Time - 5:30 am
  2. Race Start Time – 6:30 am

All runners should report at the start area at least 45 minutes prior to their event start time

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Bib has to be securely pinned to the clothing. Please ensure that the bib is fastened in front of your running shirt so that the number is clearly visible to all. 
  2. Remember without the Bib you will not be allowed to enter the start area.
  3. Do not separate or remove the ‘Bib Tag’ (the Timing Chip) from the Bib (10k bibs only).
  4. Please Note – the 3k & 5k race Bibs DO NOT have a timing chip (tag).
  5. Always remember that you cross all the timing mats on the course including start and finish mat to receive a correct finish time.
  6. Do carry a small amount of cash for emergencies
  7. It is advisable to carry your photo id along with you.

The Race

  1. Please ensure you are at the start area at least 30 minutes before the start of your race.
  2. Mind your neighbor. Please don't jostle or shove.
  3. Follow the course. Any deviation could result in your timing not getting recorded or worse, you getting disqualified
  4. Drink fluids. Aid/water stations will be provided along the course -please use them. In case you need help, there are volunteers along the route.
  5. There will be toilets aid stations. Out of respect for the local residents and businesses, we would ask you to use these and not a handy bush or tree.
  6. Medical facilities are available at every aid station and ambulances placed along the route

Please note

  1. You will not be permitted to run without the Race bib issued by the organizers.
  2. You cannot use another runner’s bib to record your time.
  3. Please do NOT lose your bib and do NOT exchange your bib with anyone else – each bib is digitally registered to you and your running number! 
  4. Do not bend, tamper or remove your timing chip from the back of your BIB
  5. Do not let the bib come in contact with any kind of metal
  6. No running BIB will be distributed on the race day.
  7. Limited baggage storage is available for all participants on a first come first served basis. However, for security reasons, participants are requested to come without any baggage. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave valuables like mobile phone, camera, jewelry, watch, electronic gadgets, etc. in the bag storage. Organizers are not responsible for any loss or baggage and belongings.



  1. There will be a parking lot available near the start point which has limited spaces and can be occupied on a first come basis from 5.30 am onwards.
  2. We would request you to carpool to the maximum possible extent, in view of the limited parking available at the start and finish points.

AID Stations

  1. For runners convenience and comfort, there are Aid & Water Stations along the route of the 10K. All aid & Water stations are stocked with Water, Energy Drinks and Biscuits & Salt. Later Aid Stations have Bananas or any other fruit. All fluids will be served in paper cups. As part of our effort towards going green, we have some water stations with reusable glasses for water.
  2. There are toilets at the start & finish areas. Please follow signs for the location of toilets

Cancellation of Registration

In case of cancellation of registration, there will be no refund once the registration is done.

Cancellation of Race

In case of cancellation of race owing to any unforeseen circumstances (weather, civil disturbance, acts of God, etc), by the organizers of Tata Tiscon Run 2019, there will be no refund of registration fee. The decision of the organizers of Tata Tiscon Run 2019 will be final in this matter.\

Race Day Security/ Traffic:

  1. In the interest of runner’s safety, there will be various security measures in place, on Race Day. Runners are expected to follow and adhere to all rules and instructions from the Police or Race officials. Failure to comply with rules or instructions may lead to disqualification from the Race.
  2. There are various traffic curbs in place along the route during the Race, for the safety of the runners. However, please be aware of traffic around you, especially if you are wearing head/ earphones.
  3. The organizers of Tata Tiscon Run 2019 will not be responsible for any untoward incident arising out of not following traffic advisories or guidelines.
  4. Runners are also required to listen to and follow any announcements by Race Officials regarding security and traffic.

Run Policies:

  1. If there are any health issues the day before or on the morning of the race, then please consider whether you are fit to run. The effort required to run is not to be underestimated and it is your responsibility to decide whether you are fit to run. The Tata Tiscon Run 2019 organizers are not responsible for any decision that you take in this matter.
  2. If you do need medical attention during the race or decide to drop out, please tell a Race Official or Volunteer. Your overall well-being is more important.
  3. For the disposal of the water bottles and paper cups please use the Waste Disposal Containers provided at the Aid Stations. Do not to litter the road. 
  4. Do not waste water & other fluids. If possible, we recommend you bring your own bottle to fill at the aid station and carry it with you. 
  5. Please use the toilets on the course. 

Course Cut off Times

  1. We, at Tata Tiscon Run 2019, believe that every runner is a winner and hence we have comfortable cut off times. However, slow runners need to exercise caution if they exceed the cut off times.
  2. 10K run cut off time would be 8:15 a.m. Which means 2hr 15 min for the runners to come at a comfortable space
  3. The race course is opened to traffic on a rolling schedule as participants make their way to the finish. As runners progress along the route, Aid Stations will be closed and traffic restrictions will be eased. Please see the advice below for 10k run. Slow runners beyond the cut off times need to exercise extra caution. 

Finishers Medal and Certificate

  1. We truly believe every finisher is a winner! Every runner who completes the requisite distance for his/her category of run will be awarded a beautiful finishers medal.
  2. Additionally, downloadable official Finisher Certificates will be awarded to all finishers in the 10k race. It will be available for download within 48 to 72 hours after completion of the race. 

Post-Run Refreshments

A post-run Snack is available for all runners. Please Note that your Bib is mandatory for receiving a snack, so do not discard it after you complete your run.