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How to build muscle for your shoulders and back

Supersize your upper-body training with this efficient workout! Putting on quality mass isn't an overnight miracle. It requires time and dedication to the iron, but what if you could feel huge in half the time? Too good to be true, right? Watch Television star Aryan Pandit known for Dahleez and Now Naagin 2 show his perfectly carved body and share his workout routine with his Gym trainer and artist Krishna Patel. Krishna Patel In this video you will see a combination of exercises for your chest and back, with 2 to 3 sets of warm up, do not miss this routine.They're not an earth-shattering new concept, but combining two forms can halve the time you spend in the gym by allowing you to get more work done in less time, and giving you a gnarly pump in the process! Creating your own superset doesn't follow iron-clad rules, but they very commonly combine two exercises that target opposing muscle groups. In this case, we're hitting chest and back.Aryan Pandit is a model and an actor. He has credited immense prominence in negative and supporting roles in the past now we will see this young man in Naagin 2. Aryan Pandit believes that there is no substitute for hard work and he shows that by never missing a single day on working out. Get fit stay stylish, with love MyStyle.