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Light up your Diwali in three easy ways

The festival of Diwali is ?here. You see the festive spirit in food and thousands of lights appearing in homes? and on streets?.? ?Diwali being festival of lights, across India people celebrate it via symbolic diyas? lamp ? or kandils colorful paper lanterns as an integral part of Diwali decorations.? ??Fanciful and frivolous, or simply elegant, ?diya decoration don’t require much time or money to make, and they delightfully elevate the ambiance of your outdoor spaces.? ?Take a cue from one of these great DIY ?diya ideas and bask in the glow of gleaming light this evening.? It is always fun to celebrate a festival with family whee the home is decorated with lights and tables are filled with sweets. But for the ones who live away from home can always do a thing or two to have a space which invites the festive vibes. We have three simple lazy, traditional contemporary ideas to decorate you space you call home. We start with a simple golden lotus diya holder. All you need for this is a bunch of plastic spoons, glitters and paint. You can substitute paint with glue if you wish. Next is decorating your diyas.We have shown you some quick and easy ways to decorate. Which will indulge you in craft for a while and trust us the joy of hand painted diyas is amazing. Last but not the least diy is straight out of your kitchen. All it needs is a set of coffee mugs, a hanger and ofcourse a twisted rope or strings to tie them up. ?These diys are for? those of you who didn't get time to jazz up your homes or just plain lazy, watch these DIY tricks to add bling this Diwali.? ?Check out these awesome ideas? and let us know what you think about it. With love MyStyle!?