Manasugala Mathu Madhura

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Manasugala Mathu Madhura

- | 07 Mar, 2008

Drama, Romantic

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Inspired from `Mehabooba` (Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini) and `Raja Nanna Raja` (Dr.Rajakumar, Arathi), Marujanma is a reincarnation drama.
In the previous birth, Maaya, the King`s daughter, falls in love with her music teacher Bharat. Their love is, vehemently forbidden as Bharat does not belong to a royal lineage. Maya denies to live without Bharat. Hence, he is thrashed and buried alive. Maya, too, dies at the same place.
They are reborn as Devika and Varun and are in two different places. Varun gets uncanny vibrations when he comes to the place where he was buried in his previous birth. He starts looking for his love, Maaya, who happens to be Devika now. When he eventually finds her, he tells her their story, which she refuses to believe. He hands her a book which will prove him right. Will it work well for Varun, or will this birth also have the two lovers apart?