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Magic | English, Hindi | Age 4+


The World Famous Magicians  P.C. Sorcar (Young & Master) is in town, casting a Spell-binding performance through their Mega Magic Show, “Indrajal”.Sorcar and Magic are inalienable, Magic being in their blood as P.C.Sorcar (Sr), once Profoundly asseverated, "When asleep I breathe Magic; when awake I work Magic". Sorcar's greatest contribution to the World of Magic was the installation of Indian Magic, his beloved Ind-dra-jal- to the pedestal of pristine glory with greater halo around its crown. Under his light and lead it became an Art of International attraction.


Leaving behind a legacy of Magic the SORCAR family is one of the greatest Magicians in the world. If  PC Sorcar (Sr) was responsible for taking the Indian Magic to the world stage his sons have gone many steps ahead to creating an important name for Indrajal in the world stage. Winning many coveted awards across the globe the Sorcar's have been great ambassadors of Indian Magic


Carrying this legacy forward PC Sorcar (Young) often called the Leonardo-Da-Vinci of India he is a legend in his own right. His son P.C.Sorcar (Pouroosh) (Who is performing for the past 15 years in Bangalore with his Father) is the youngest Magician in the family.

A Painter and a Drummer he has already created a unique way of working on some of the greatest tricks his grandfather has been known for. The Torch of Magic continues to burn with full brightness in the Sorcar Family.

The water of India, which has been performed by the Sorcar’s across the globe with a great response to pep them up. The items which followed actually made me feel that I was not in this world but instead some supernatural world. It was so stunning, scintillating and Mind-blowing that I actually started to believe that there is really something called “Magic”,

His Spell-binding performances of the illusions like, “Soul through the Soul”, which actually makes the entire audience come to the edge of their seats; the next item, “The Birds from Nowhere” is a pure Magical Work, where the birds appear in the cage from absolutely Nowhere. What Followed was truly unbelievable, “The Egyptian – the Curse of Chamea”, where the Body of the Egyptian Princess Floats in Mid-Air, and it disappears from the coffin and then again re-appear. I was actually sweating in the finest of the hall in Bengaluru.

Then it was the turn of making the impossible, possible. Yes, a young lady was cut in halves and again she was bought alive, where the audience was on their feet to applaud this magnificent performance. Finally, the Magician proved that he is the best with the final act of appearing from the centre of the hall, where just before a few seconds; he was performing on the stage amidst a few skeletons. The entire crowd was stunned but could not resist their feel to appreciate and congratulate the Youngest and the fastest of the Modern Magicians.

All together it was a fine blend of Magic, with thorough hands-on experience of the Father and the Scintillating and Dashing Speedy performance of the Son. It was really a Superb Performance from the Super-Duo of the Magic World.


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