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Prem Joshua and Band Live

Prem Joshua and Band Live

Indian Classical | Hindi


Music which is original, immersive and emotional; it pulsates with energy, resonates with contemplation, throbs with vibrancy and basks within an unmistakable global appeal. The band combines disparate musical styles such as electronica, jazz, and funk into an original and virtuoso sound – one that is intricately detailed by a masterful blend of Indian and western instruments. By virtue of their dexterity over numerous instruments, such as the sitar, tabla, soprano sax or bamboo flutes, Prem Joshua & Band have continued to distill and fuse the essence of various musical forms into one organic and distinctive whole.


  • This program is only for adults above the age of 14. Children under the age of 14 will not be granted access to the program center.
  • Entry and Seating arrangement will be on first come first serve basis. 
  • Entry Pass is valid for one person only. 
  • There are certain rows in the front reserved for guests and media. Please choose a seat from the eight row onwards.
  • Reading through the etiquette and program guide along with terms and conditions before the program day will be highly appreciated. 
  • The program guide will be available on the website www.mitray.com
  • Your good wishes and co-operation are solicited.
  • Tickets once purchased cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded under any circumstances.
  • Event Organizer will not be responsible to provide any refund, in case of a natural calamity or an accident.
  • Every person who has been invited to address the members from the podium, during our programs, has a particular ability and skill set that is meant to help you on your spiritual journey. The podiums at our events are a tribute to them, their art and their discipline. Any other kind of promotional activity will neither be undertaken nor encouraged
  • We will keep the mobile noise all the way down: Meditation requires an empty and undistracted mind. So we prefer to leave our phones at home while attending these programs. In case we feel the need to carry the phone, we keep it on silent, so we don’t disturb the other members who don’t want to be distracted by their phones.
  • All programs involve some amount of physical movement and activity meant for relaxation. So we will be wearing loose comfortable clothes, in which we can move around easily. Light colored cotton clothes are the best suited for these programs. Please avoid any Jewelry.
  • We will avoid carrying purses, bags, wallets or any other of belongings. The lesser things you carry with you, the better you’ll adapt to the program.
  • We will remain completely silent during the program. It makes the activity even more effective for meditation. If we have to speak, we will do so by speaking into the ears of the intended person, without disturbing the session.
  • For experienced meditators – Many members in this program are beginners in the practice of meditation. They may not be able to perform the activities as well as us. We will avoid any kind of comments or actions that may discourage another member or cause any sort of unpleasantness.
  • For first time meditators – Certain members are experienced meditators and may conduct some personal practices that may seem unfamiliar to you. We will avoid any kind of comments or actions that may discourage another member or cause any sort of unpleasantness.
  • There can be reasons for us to exit or re-enter the program center in between an activity. We may exit or re-enter the program center if needed. But we will do so without distracting anyone else around us. We will also do so in an organized manner and will not exit and reenter in clusters.
  • The programs have been created for the experience. These sessions are personalized and intimately crafted for its members. We will fully concentrate on participating in the program at the venue. Recording these activities for sharing and later viewing is prohibited. If any form of recording has been brought to our notice, the Club holds the right to seize such recording along with the recording device, if necessary. The club can and will terminate the membership of the person in question pronto, without any notice.
  • There is a place for out our shoes, belongings and our minds. The program venue is NOT that place. Kindly leave them outside, before you participate We are all children of the universe, no matter what our egos tell us. At the Club, we have no concept of hierarchy. We do not differentiate between people on the basis name, age, nationality, religion, culture or any other characteristic. No form of special treatment will be accommodated for anyone.