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Tamil, Telugu
06 May, 2016
2 hrs 44 mins
41,429 votes
5 20200
4 11439
3 5833
2 1659
1 2284
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24 is a sci-fi thriller starring Suriya in a triple role. The core theme of the film is about time travel, the one thing that humans cannot control, but what if someone has the power to do so!
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Verdict: A sci-fi thriller that`ll amaze you. If you`ve watched Vikram K. Kumar`s previous films 13B (Yavarum Nalam) and Manam, then you have a fair idea that the director`s interest lies in culminating a world where fiction-meets-reality. This is layered by some sharp writing and innovative concepts that make the movie-watching experience seem unique. [... ...Read full review
A lot of the events in 24 happen mainly on account of accidents and coincidences, but it is to Vikram Kumar`s credit that we buy into those scenes so willfully in this novel and entertaining, but definitely over-long, film that constantly charms us or leaves us thrilled with its inventiveness. The film begins with one such accident when an eagle acts a catalyst for Dr Sethuraman`s (Suriya) invention a time machine. He is a famed watchmaker and inventor, living contentedly with his wife Priya (Nithya Menen) and their son. But his look-alike twin brother Athreya is smarting at his success and plans to have the time machine, which is in the form of a watch, for himself. But Sethuraman manages to save both his son and his invention by giving up his own life. ...Read full review
24 is a sci fi thriller and every episode has been filled with lot of interesting episodes throughout. When you relax after an interesting episode, the next question comes out leaving you in surprise. The songs and the love story is sure a fresh breath in this thriller which has been well projected. The interval episodes have been shot well and on the whole the complete first half has been outstanding. ...Read full review
Sethuraman (Suriya) is a brilliant scientist who creates a watch that could manipulate time. He calls it Project 24. However, his twin brother Athreya (Suriya, again), a dreaded don, wants the watch for himself, and therefore attacks his brother, killing his wife in the process. Sethuraman escapes with his infant baby, with the villain close on his heels. Knowing that he has no escape, Sethu leaves his baby and his watch in a protective cover with a lady he meets on a train. Athreya catches up with his brother and kills him, but gets incapacitated in the process and goes into a coma for 26 years. Meanwhile that infant boy grows up to be a strapping young watch mechanic Mani (of course, Suriya), who, one fine day and a series of coincidences later, open that box containing the watch. Having his fathers intellect in his genes, Mani soon understands the magic of the watch. He begins to manipulate time to his advantage, especially in hatching a romantic plot with pretty girl, Sathya (Samantha). However, Athreya wakes up from his coma and comes looking for the watch that could help him regain his lost youth. Thus begins a brilliant game of chess between the similar looking protagonist and antagonist with time travel as their chessboard! ...Read full review