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Happy Feet 2 (3D)

Happy Feet 2

18 Nov, 2011
1 hrs 37 mins
10 votes
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The sequel to the Academy Award-winning animated film Happy Feet 2 brings audiences to landscape of Antarctica, reuniting us with tap-dancing penguin, Mumble (Elijah Wood), the love of his life, Gloria (Alecia Moore {Pink} and their old friends Ramon and Lovelace (Robin Williams). Mumble and Gloria now have a son of their own, Erik (EG Daily), who is trying to identify his own talents in the Emperor Penguin world. The plot revolves around how dangers threaten the penguin nation and how penguins cope with them by working and dancing together.
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Nothing much seems to have changed in this cold Antarctic region, since the adorable two-awkward-feet tribe struck the screen. The penguins are in plenty, fights with killer seals and predator birds are still a norm, the Arctic ice still continues to melt. And like its Oscar nominated 2006 prequel, Happy Feet Two has enough food for thought too - a whole lot of screen time on values, the importance of family, the urge to never give up on hope and tips on self-confidence. Keep that aside and there`s something different in this paradise of penguins that talks of human error, oil spills, global warming, melting ice caps too. ...Read full review
The animated films genre seems to have fine-tuned its cookie-cutter to perfection in recent times. One would imagine Happy Feet Two, a sequel to the heartwarming 2006 film that won an Oscar, to be the exception to this rule. However, while this underperforming sequel features a few buoyant cinematic moments and splendid visual imagery, what it sorely lacks is a compelling story. The first film had its own charm in how it utilised the penguin`s dance and turned it into a plot device. Here, the music and the dancing are incidental and much of the plot consists of half-baked life lessons for kids. ...Read full review
If anything, the dancing penguins don`t seem to have two left feet but it does look like those steps must have taken months of practice (on animation). But when the tiny tots take on the stage, set against the backdrop of the dazzling glacial vista of Antarctica, they turn themselves into rockstars. It`s only in moments like those that Happy Feet Two comes truly alive, urging the worst dancers among the audience to get up and join them. At the heart of this 3D sequel to the 2006 Academy-winner Happy Feet is the lack of its little hero`s ability to dance, much his father Mumble`s (voiced by Elijah Wood) who struggles in the first flick with Daffy-like (even Henry`s polka jig from Oswald) mis-moves. ...Read full review
Young penguin Erik (voice of Ava Acres) is reluctant to dance as all the other penguins in his rookery do. When Erik`s father, Mumble (voice of Elijah Wood), prompts him to try, Erik fumbles and ends up being the laughing stock of the penguin community. He then leaves the rookery with three young penguin friends, and chances upon another faraway group of penguins led by a flying penguin, Sven (voice of Hank Azaria). Erik is in awe of Sven, in spite of his father telling him that penguins can`t really fly. ...Read full review