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Paisa Vasool (Telugu)

Paisa Vasool

01 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 22 mins
32,705 votes
5 11062
4 4863
3 5654
2 3387
1 7725
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In order to take down the atrocious mafia don Bob Marley in his own way, RAW recruits Theda Singh, a criminal who has just been released from Tihar Jail. Meanwhile, Sarika, a journalist tracking Bob Marley's activities in Portugal, goes missing. The RAW agents are surprised to find out that Theda Singh and Sarika's lives are related to each other. Who is Theda Singh and how is he related to Sarika? Does he have a secret mission? Will he succeed?
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Verdict: A paisa vasool entertainer. Puri Jagannadh and Balakrishna join hands together for the first time for Paisa Vasool. Paisa Vasool is Balakrishna`s 101st movie and also stars Shriya Saran, Musskan Sethi and Kyra Dutt in lead roles. Kabir Bedi is making a comeback after a very long time in Telugu movies with Paisa Vasool. Apart from Kabir Bedi, []... ...Read full review
Bob Marley is wreaking havoc in the country with his atrocities. Realising that they would have to take him on in his own way, RAW recruits Theda Singh for the purpose. Meanwhile, Sarika (Musskan Sethi) files a complaint with authorities that her sister Sarika (Shriya Saran), a journalist who has been doing a sting operation on Bob Marley in Portugal goes missing. The RAW authorities are in for a shock when they realise that Theda Singh is not what he appears to be. Who is Theda Singh and what is his relation to the missing journo? Is he on the side of good or bad? Does he succeed in his mission is what Paisa Vasool is all about. ...Read full review
Before we talk about what Balakrishnas latest film Paisa Vasool is all about, its important to put few things into perspective. Directed by Puri Jagannadh, Paisa Vasool isnt a film, its packaged as a love letter to its lead actor Balakrishna and his fans. Balakrishna is a name, but Balayya is an emotion. His fans know it. Even Puri Jagannadh knows it quite well and this time, he has tapped into the phenomenon of Jai BalayyaJai Jai Balayya, a jingle has a Mexican wave-like rhythm. For heavens sake, theres even a song, whose lyrics go like Coca Cola Pepsi, Balayya Babu SexyJai Balayya, Jai Jai Balayya. The film doesnt even have a The End card. It just says Jai Balayya. You get the drift, right? This isnt a film which cares so much about its story and what it tries to drives home, as much as it focuses on its lead actor and giving a new twist to his onscreen image. ...Read full review
Nandamuri Balakrishna is back with the Puri Jagannadh directorial Paisa Vasool. The story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Puri Jagannadh and this movie just indulges Balayyas need to be on the silver screen. Also, this movie probably managed to ruin Bob Marley. Its regressive, there is senseless violence and to top it all, one also has to sit through Balakrishna dancing. Well, can it get any worse? Well, Theda Singh (Balayya) and the antagonist Bob Marley are not ones idea of a good movie. And can someone please stop the usage of Item to refer to a woman. ...Read full review
When you walk out of Paisa Vasool, you wonder how long Puri Jagannadh will continue to fool audiences with similar kind of films. His last few films including Jr NTRs Temper, which had a decent run at the box office, have followed a routine format, and by which I mean, a structure of storytelling that we are so used to, we can easily predict how the film will end. And his latest outing Paisa Vasool is no different except Nandamuri Balakrishnas drama-heavy performance is so much fun to watch on screen. He saves the film from turning into an insipid experience. ...Read full review
On the whole, Paisa Vasool is clearly made to please Balayyas fans. They will just love him in a massy avatar after a very long time. Balayyas punch dialogues, comedy generated and stylish fights are basic assets. This film will draw a mixed response in the overseas and A centers as it has same the old routine Puri style of narration. Finally, as Balayya says in the film, he will only take a bullet for fans or family and outsiders are not allowed, this film too, will only be a joyful fare for true Balakrishna fans. ...Read full review
On the whole, Paisa Vasool regales with mass moments here and there but it soon drifts into regular style of Puris recent movies that are loud and too predictable. Bottom-line: Dhimaak Thoda! ...Read full review