Premigalige MMCH

Premigalige MMCH

13 Jul, 2018
2 hrs 09 mins
434 votes
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Four small-town girls who were in Bangalore for studies wind up in a criminal inquiry, whose investigating officer is a smart lady cop.
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MMCH revolves around a murder mystery, which intelligent cop, Jhansi Rani, tries to solve. Four girls Megha, Mala, Chaya and Harshita from different parts of Karnataka land in Bengaluru for their further studies. What happens when they join the same college and they share the same room? Amid banters and fun conversations, the bonhomie of four friends grows so much so that they even take on goons on college premises. ...Read full review
It is ladies day out! Ragini Dwivedi excel as investigative cop and in action portions of this MMCH that has domination of four pretty girls in the second half. ...Read full review
MMCH is an unusual film as it is a real commercial women centric film. Usually women-centric film means a parallel film but MMCH is an entertaining film where the protagonists are female. It has suspense, drama, action and sentiments in full force. Some of the best young female actors including Samyukta Hornad and Meghana Raj are part of the film with Ragini Dwivedi providing the firepower. ...Read full review
Director Mahesh known as Mussanje Mahesh, who had handled the megaphone for Kannada film Jindaa that was released in 2017, has tried his best with a murder mystery this time. Though he has succeeded in ensuring the screenplay crisp during the pre-intermission session, he lost control over it in the post-intermission, especially in the climax. Though some of the dialogues are good, others dialogues, especially those in the court hall deserve to be trimmed or removed. ...Read full review
Director Mussanje Mahesh has grown up heaps and bounds in his narration style. Giving prominence to Ragini Dwivedi in the first half and giving some intriguing moments keeps audience at the edge of their seats. Foursome coming in the second half and on the rampage they have created arguing their own case for murder in the court hall puts up some primary questions but judiciary value and highest esteem it is kept is questioned. That is all because of suffocation in our present scenario. ...Read full review

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