PSV Garuda Vega

PSV Garuda Vega

03 Nov, 2017
2 hrs 38 mins
43,393 votes
5 23919
4 13979
3 3982
2 582
1 913
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Niranjan, a young and ambitious tech-smart guy who holds a highly classified government information tries to evade the government officials who are in desperate need of the same. Meanwhile, Shekar, a sincere NIA officer who has handled several covert operations on his last day at work gets involved in the investigation of a murder of a woman. His hunt for the murderer leads him to Niranjan who tries to flee from the murder location. How Niranjan solves the murder mystery, forms the crux.
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Verdict: A novel attempt, unlike anything in Tollywood. PSV Garuda Vega starring Dr. Rajasekhar and Pooja Kumar in lead roles has been written and directed by Praveen Sattaru and produced by M.Koteswara Raju. The music and the background score is rendered by Sricharan Pakala and Bheems Cecireleo while the cinematography has been handled by Anji, Suresh []... ...Read full review
A dedicated NIA officer is torn between love for his family and his duty. On the brink of sacrificing his career for his family, he stumbles upon a plot with international ramifications. Does he stick to his decision to quit or will the call of duty prove too strong for him? ...Read full review
PSV Garuda Vega 126.18M is not only the name of Praveen Sattarus latest film, starring Rajasekhar, but also a tipping point in the directors career who makes a strong case that he can dare to dream big and also achieve his goal. ...Read full review
The success of Garuda Vega is quite crucial for Rajsekhar as he and his team have spent a lot of money on the budget. The action entertainer has finally hit the screens today. Lets see whether Rajasekhar gets his much-needed success or not. ...Read full review
NIA officer Sekhar (Dr. Rajasekhar) is always on a mission trying to nab high-profile gangsters. Sekhar gives least importance to his family and his wife swathi (Pooja Kumar) is unhappy about it. ...Read full review
NIA (National Intelligence Agency) chief Sekhar is on a mission to save a stop a terrorist activity. However what he uncovers is far more beyond his grasp and scope. What did he discover? Simultaneously he also has a personal problem to deal. How does he manage both is what the film is all about. ...Read full review
Senior actor Rajasekhar makes a comeback with PSV Garudavega, directed by National Award winner Praveen Sattaru. The film has already been favourably reviewed by audiences. The USP of the movie is the excellent use of technology, which makes it appear like a Hollywood production. ...Read full review
After churning out social dramas all these years, director Praveen Sattaru has now arrived with a new recipe thats high on action, style and substance. He deals with the plutonium scam that had remained undiscovered after the Pokhran nuclear bomb explosions. ...Read full review
Sekhar (Rajasekhar) is a NIA officer who deals with high profile criminal cases. His wife (Pooja) is unhappy with his duty mindedness and files for a divorce. While Sekhar is working to save his marriage, he comes across a murder case that unfolds into a larger scheme of things. ...Read full review

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