Sun Goes Around The Earth

Sun Goes Around The Earth

Nov, 2018
1 hrs 56 mins
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KC Pal is an iconic figure in Kolkata. Over the last 40 years, he has relentlessly written Surjo Prithibir Chaedike Ghore (Sun goes around the Earth) on the walls of Kolkata. Once employed with the army, PAL thought he has discovered a proof that will lay to rest the debate that no longer existed. Leaving the army, spending all his savings, deserted by his family, living in a makeshift tent on the roads of Kolkata, often chased and manhandled by people, he remains unfazed in his struggle. He lives on a meager daily budget, and what he scrounges and earns, sometimes as a daily labor, goes in printing the pamphlets of the fourteen proofs that will change the world. He often distributes them free. He is not bitter Galileo suffered the same fate he says. Someday..he knows the truth must prevail. In the same 40 years, in which Pal held strong to his theory..the longest standing communist government has risen and fallen in the state of Bengal. Kolkata witnessed the journey in all its shade from the radical naxals to the gentleman's Marxism..which ultimately lay shattered. A reigning star of Bengal, Chirantan Chatterjee, an erstwhile left theatre activist and now an armchair revolutionary meets Pal on a chance encounter and is intrigued. He calls Sanjib, a fellow traveler once upon a time, and asks him to research Pal. What makes this guy carry on while we ran. Unlike Chirantan, Sanjib is a cynic now. Living in a personal hell, he has lost all hope of anything good. Reluctantly he takes the assignment to research Pal. As the three characters. A fanatic former believer and a cynic interact .the film explores the meaning or meanings of truth and martyrs thereof. As Sanjiv interacts with Pal, his own cynicism starts lifting. But Chirantan reacts differently. Pal seems to mock of his own failure to him. and Chirantan starts opposing Pal. In a turning point of the movie Chirantan forces Pal, like Galileo's inquisition, to admit he was a fraud and charlatan and will no longer propagate the theory. Pal retreats back to the streets. But in a role reversal, Sanjiv rallies round Pal. Chirantan, in a bid to prove himself, goes to a striking jute mill to bring to public notice the agitation happening there. He leads the workers and even gets Sanjiv to come and see a real hero. But when the police come and the teargas shells fly..he flees. Returning ...Chirantan sees Pal back at the city streets He assaults Pal but is dissuaded. Our film is a bio-fiction on this character KC PAL where we have tried to explore what "truth" means..for a person and as well for a city!!
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