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Baanswada Company - A Comedy Drama

Baanswada Company - A Comedy Drama

Drama | Hindi | Age 5+


Alankar Theatre's Play 'Banswada Company' makes you traverse into the lifestyle of an immature theatre group named 'Banswada  Company' situated in the Banswada area of Rajasthan.


The story revolves around the struggles of this group to showcase stage performances in the region. Director of the group 'Bhalchandra' makes his best effort to run his group by carrying forward his deceased father's dream of showcasing a stage play written by  Shakespeare.

The group comprises a bunch of diverse actors. Some are juggling with their choice to act and their hereditary business, while at another end a senior artist, Ghanshaym Barik continues to perform in the group despite financial and mental strains.


Inspite of their personal and interpersonal insecurities and turmoils 

Banswada company manages to showcase its performances in Bhagwat Kathas, Ramayana Paath, and other festive occasions.


These insecurities and interpersonal chaos and disorder weave the thick and thin of the plot. Bhalchandra puts his 'Head to Toe' efforts to run his group despite constant stumbling and hurdles that include negligence of an actor towards his work and the production manager, Kirorimal Seth's constant demand for a female artist.


Banswada company appears to welcome a promising entrant but later to fall into a ditch with an equally unwelcoming turn. Despite the tables turning repeatedly and a series of unfathomable odds Balchandra Sees his dream project 'Shakespeare's finally becoming concrete.


But the odds seem to not take rest when an unforeseen escape of a fraud artist surfaces into play. Bhalchandra, the driver of this theatre chariot repeatedly motivates his battalion to march ahead even though every attempt turns haphazardly upside down.


Plays in the play with each trial becoming an error. Error and mistakes make it a  'Comedy of Errors' and so the play Banswada company becomes a complete 'Comic Drama'.


  • Age limit: 5+.
  • We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior at the venue.
  • Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment.