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Shoot Out

Shoot Out

Shooting | English

Shooting with Rifle or a Pistol at a target is a thrill; you load pellets into the gun, take careful hold of the gun with two hands, aim and shoot. You see the bullet knock a hole in the target and spark off the floor at the back of the range. There is an extraordinary rush and then you do it again. Another spark; perhaps this time the hole in the target is a little closer to the centre. Soon you have fired the whole session and you`re loading the weapon in your hand again.

That`s how this sport wraps you around itself in no time. It helps you concentrate better, focus better, and yeah; feel better. Elite Shooting Club is a 10 meter Air Rifle / Air Pistol Range. This state of the art facility was built keeping in mind the requirements of professional sports shooting.

The Shooting range is set up by Rakesh Manpat, a renowned National Champion and International Medalist. He has been a part of the Indian National Team for 6 years in his stint of 8 years of shooting. He has finished ahead of Olympic Champions Internationally and many Olympians in India in recent stints at shooting events .

Elite Shooting academy has already produced the youngest shooter on the national team at the age of 13.

Some of the shooters training here are Apurvi Chandela-2016 Olympic Shooter - Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist 2014, Meghana Sajjanar- Current India #1 , Dilreen Gill-World University Gold Medalist.

Terms and Conditions
  • Open to all.
  • Safe Gun handling is the first and most important Rule in all Shooting Sports.
  • Treat every Gun as if it were loaded.
  • Keep the Gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • Never point a Gun at any body.
  • Keep your fingers off the trigger until you are on target.
  • Always wear eye and ear protection.
  • Know your target and what is beyond it.
  • Keep the Gun unloaded when not in use.
  • Gun must be shot from the firing line only and nowhere else.
  • All guns carried on or around the shooting grounds must be held in a position of safety, with the breach open and unloaded at all times.
  • Carry the Gun safely so that you can control the barrel even if you stumble.
  • Load your Gun with the right pellet.
  • Know the Gun you are using.
  • Shooting on the grounds at any place, other than at a legitimate target, is prohibited.
  • All Shooters are Safety Officers because Safety is your responsibility, not someone else`s!
  • Shooters must only shoot at designated targets, in the assigned lane, and at nothing else.
  • Cross firing is strictly prohibited. (Firing across your assigned lane as opposed to down the line).
  • The Range Officer must call for all shooters to unload and clear their weapons before the range is closed for scoring [and or] for a target change. The Range Officer must check to ensure all guns on the firing line are unloaded, clear and safe.
  • All non-shooters must wait in the assigned staging area. Non-shooters are prohibited from stepping onto the firing line with active shooters.
  • The Range Officer must caution any individual breaking range rules, and if deemed necessary, remove the individual(s) off the range.
  • Proper covered footwear is required: No bare feet or flip flops, and no open toe sandals.
  • T&C

    Every person who registers for the Event should abide by the Club’s Rules and regulations. If in case of any violation of the same, we have the liberty of terminating the ticket and the person in question will not be allowed to participate in the event