Bank Janardhan

  • Actor

1948  in Holalkere, Karnataka, India

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Bank Janardhan is a Kannada film actor, who is popular for his comic roles in several films and television series. He started his career with the 1991 film Ajagajanthara, and then went on to feature in movies like Tharle Nan Maga, Cheluva, Jipuna Nanna Ganda, Ranga S. S. L. C., and Kashi from village. He then went on to work in the drama titled News, which received positive reviews from critics. One of his most popular roles was the horror suspense thriller Shhh!, under the direction of Upendra, and also Tharle Nan Maga starring Jaggesh in the lead role. Few of his other movies include Benki Birugali, Billion Dollar Baby, and Kalyanamasthu. He was also part of several TV shows like Papa Pandu on ETV Kannada, Mangalya and Jokali on Udaya TV. His 2017 venture includes Anveshi, under the direction of Vemagal Jagannath Rao, starring Tilak Shekhar, Ramesh Bhat and Naushad in the lead roles.

In 2018, he appeared alongside Anup Sara Govind and Devraj in Shiv Kumar Gowda`s Kannada action drama Saaguva Daariyalli and Ganesh Vinayak`s Hyper. His 2019 release includes Khanana, directed by Raadha.