Gurchet Chitarkar

  • Actor, Writer, Screenplay, Dialogue Writer

Mar 12, 1970  in Sangrur, Punjab, India

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Gurchet Chitarkar is a Punjabi film actor, writer and director, born on March 12, 1975 in Sangrur, Punjab, India. He has worked in various Punjabi films like Punjab Bolda, Taur Mittran Di, Chakk De Phatte, Heer Ranjha: A True Love Story and Aashiqui Not Allowed. He has also acted in Punjabi comedy videos namely Family 420, Family 421, Family 422, Family 423, Family 424, Family 425, Family 426, Family 427, Family 428, Family 429 and Family 430. His 2019 releases include Ke Tumi Nandini, Family 420 Once Again and Unni Ikki.