MN Kumar

  • Producer

Nov 02, 1963  in Mandya, Karnataka, India

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One of the most influential and top-rated producers and distributors in the Kannada film industry, MN Kumar is considered to be the go-to person for all the filmmakers and the top stars in the industry. In his illustrious career, MN Kumar has distributed more than 100 films and as an exhibitor, he is considered as the backbone of the Kannada industry.

Kumar who had humble beginnings in his career, over the years, rose up the ranks; before making it big in the industry, he started working as a peon at the KNC film office and eventually rose up to become the film distribution representative and publicity assistant in the office.

His maiden production film was titled Ashoka Chakra, which featured Prabhakar. The film was a mild hit and he continued his tryst with production and later started working with big film stars. Apart from production, MN Kumar also achieved great success as a film distributor. Some of his notable production ventures include Padma Vyuha (1989), Alli Ramachari Illi Bramhachari (1992), Lakshmi Mahalakshmi (1997), Yaardo Duddu Yellammana Jatre (2003), Bhadra (2011), and Anjaniputra (2017)..