Rajendra Singh Babu

  • Director, Writer, Producer, Screenplay, Dialogue Writer

Oct 22, 1952  in Mysore, Karnataka, India

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S.V. Rajendra Singh Babu is an Indian film maker and producer who works predominantly in the Kannada film industry. His father late Shankar Singh was one of the great producers in Kannada Film Industry and has produced many films under the banner of Mahatma Pictures (Mysore). Rajendra Singh Babu has made movies in different genres. He has written and directed love stories, War, suspense thrillers and comedy movies. Many of his films have been adapted from novels or short stories. He debuted with the film Nagakanye (1975) and is best known for his films Meri Aawaz Suno (1981), Bandhana (1984), Muthuina Haara (1990), Hoovu Hannu (1993), Doni Saagali (1998), Love (2004) and Raktaksha (2014). His Kannada film Rebel is slated to release in May 2015.