Ramesh Bhatkar

  • Actor

May 02, 1959

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Ramesh Bhatkar was a Marathi film, stage and TV actor. He worked for more than 30 years as an actor in the mainstream commercial movie industries of the Marathi and Hindi languages and is probably known best for his roles in Commander and Hello Inspector. His father Snehal Bhatkar was a music director, composer, and singer. Out of the more than 90 films that Ramesh Bhatkar worked in, most were in the Marathi language with a few Hindi ones. He debuted with the film Chandoba Chandoba Bhaglaas ka (1977) and a few of his other famous works include AshtaVinayak (1978), Duniya Kari Salam, Maaherchi Manasa, Aapli Maanasa, and Maherchi Sadi (1991).

In Television and Theatre, Bhatkar had a prosperous career. He started off television by working in a small telefilm called Sirf Chaar Din by B.P Singh. He then went on to do about 30 series being aired for more than 1000 episodes. Ramesh Bhatkar has, however, always described Marathi theatre to be his First Love. He has played lead roles and other characters in about 50 different plays ranging all the way back to the famous character Lalya that he played in the 1975 play Ashroonchi Zaali Phule.