Shivendra Mahal

  • Actor

1957  in Gurdaspur, Punjab, India

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Born in Ropar, Shivendra Mahal is an Indian actor, director and an anchor. He started his acting career by appearing in TV series` like Mahabharat (1988) and many other Punjabi series`. The actor who has starred in more than 30 Hindi and Punjabi films, is best known for his work in Baagey Soorme (1993), Main Maa Punjab Dee (1998) and Yaaran Naal Bahaaran (2012). His 2016 project includes Teshan, a Punjabi film directed by Sukhbir Singh. His 2017 release includes Krazzy Tabbar. He is associated with the 2018 Punjabi drama Saggi Phull directed by Shivtar Shiv starring opposite Amitoz Shergill and Nitu Pandher. His 2019 release includes Rabb Da Radio 2.