Vijay Tendulkar

  • Writer, Screenplay, Dialogue Writer

Jan 06, 1928  in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

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Vijay Tendulkar, a.k.a Vijay Dhondopant Tendulkar, born on January 06, 1928, in Kolhapur, Maharashtra (India), was a leading Indian playwright, movie and television writer, literary essayist, political journalist and social commentator. He is best known for his plays Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe, Ghashiram Kotwal and Sakharam Binder. Tendulkar began his career writing for newspapers and has written several plays such as Amcyavar Kon Prem Karnar, Grihastha, Manthan, Srimant Safar, The Masseur, and many more. Vijay has won numerous honors and awards including Best Screenplay Award for Manthan in the 1977 National Film Award. He has also won the 1981 Filmfare Best Screenplay and story Award for Aakrosh. He died on May 19, 2008, in Pune, Maharashtra, India.