Pela Adhi Akshar

Pela Adhi Akshar

24 Mar, 2017
2 hrs 20 mins
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Pela Adhi Akshar is a coming-of-age feel-good film that tries to explore the space between boys and girls, fact and fiction, reality and fantasy, and life and film. It is also everybody's story, an introspective look at lives of people we know so very well: Ourselves.

Catch four friends at the crossroads of life, trying to tackle their problems: What do we do with the rest of our lives? These guys are a microcosm of the gang you would spot at your regular hangout, college canteen, neighbor hood joint or in your own living room, looking into the mirror.

An impulsive Vishal, who lives by the day is all heart. A pragmatic Prashant, is Mr. Head-on-shoulder, with a five-year plan for life. A confused Sunil, needs to find himself and a way into the heart of the love of his life while an escapist Zubin (a.k.a Zebra ), the quintessential clown of the gang doesn't give a damn about anything as long as he has his alcohol. In an attempt to marry the reality of life with the fantasy of film, the director uses the digital medium to show different textures of Pela Adhi Akshar.

Boy meets girl. Reality meets fantasy. Life meets film.
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